Best Free WordPress WooCommerce Themes 2018 – eCommerce

Com and in this article, we’ll see the best free, WooCommerce themes available in the market. Basically, a WooCommerce theme is a theme using which you can create an e-commerce website in WordPress, and we have created a very beautiful and awesome list of 7 free booooo commerce, themes that you can get, and these are the best themes which we have selected. All the themes are very lightweight, which means they will not increase your page load.

In fact, they will increase your page speed and that directly will affect the SEO. Ok, the thing which you know gives you ranking in Google and different search engines. Also, all the themes have a very good design, so they are all good-looking themes. No none of them are boring and so on. Also, this article is totally different, like you might have seen some article like this. I don’t know, but basically what other people do.

They will just list some themes and they will tell you go download those themes, but what I’ll do is I have created a demo website I’ll, just install one by one, all the themes and I’ll show you why you should select that theme? What are the features that you get? Obviously, that will be very brief. We cannot get into seven different themes in one single article. That would be no. That would take a long a very long time.

So what I’ll do I’ll selects? I have selected seven themes as installed one by one and I’ll show you what effects that team make to your website. So if you guys enjoy my articles, if you guys, like the content of the article, then make sure you subscribe to my blog also your thumbs up to this article and if you guys also have some theme which is not listed in the list which I’m going To show you now – and you guys will like this theme and you think that that theme is good, then you can put the name of the thing theme in the article description below so that you know other guys and other people can benefit from there.

So without any further ado, let’s get started, so this is the demo website which I have created. As you can see, this is how your website will look when you first install WordPress. Now this is the dashboard. The first thing which you’ll, which we are going to see, is shop ISIL. So what do you have to do? You have to how our appearances and click on themes? Now, if you you have to click on this button, which says, add new you’ll get many different themes over here now.

The one which we need is shop, ISIL, so type in shop ISIL over here in this search bar. This is the theme which we’ll be needing. I have already downloaded the theme. I have to activate this theme, so if you have not downloaded you’ll see a download button over there and when you click on that download button, then after that you will see an activate button just like this. So click on click on that activate button.

Okay guys. So this theme is activated now, let’s refresh the page, our home page and let’s see what happens, what are the changes that have taken place? Okay, so it is loading okay guys. So, as you can see, the theme or the website has totally changed the reason I have kept this theme or the shop ISIL theme on the top list is because you know you get a very pre-made homepage layout. You know you don’t have to create a home page layout.

You have a very beautiful and elegant home page, as you can see over here at the top we have a very beautiful section. There is a background image which is full width. We have a title subtitle, a call to action button. After that we have three different images, and these are basically categories, for example, you can put in shoes or your sunglasses bags in different categories, then, after that we have latest products which would show something like this.

Also, when I hover this, you can see a very beautiful design. Okay, when I hold this, you get this Add to Cart button now, after that we have another section which is exclusive product. So basically, what I am trying to say is that you get a very beautiful home page layout. You don’t have to create a home page from scratch. Okay, now, let’s see different customization, how you can is it easy to change the things over here which you see on the home page? Let’s see that, so to do so, you have to click on this customize button over here at the top okay.

So this is our customizer now here you’ll see this home page homepage section over the front page section or your click on that now you have different sections. So your the first section is the big title section. When you click on this, you will see this image. So from here you can change the image you can change the title subtitle the call to action button and the link to which this button redirects.

For example. Let me show you suppose I want to change the title at present. It says shop ISIL. I want to put in my name and now, your Sheikh, so as you can see, the changes are taking place and the title has changed, so it is really easy to do these changes now suppose, if you want to change this image or if you, if you Want to change the link to which this image redirects we can all so do so. This is the banner section when you click on this.

You have three different sections, so you can, when you click on this, add new banner. You have this image over here. You can upload another image. You can give a button link to this image. Okay and similarly, we have different sections, and we have all these settings over here. So the customization is also very good and very easy. Now, let’s see how our shop page looks like so we have this shop over here.

Let’s click on shop, okay, so again, this is looking really amazing, beautiful shop page. We have this section at the top, a beautiful image and the title, and after that we have our images and again the same animation. Now, let’s click on one of the product and see how a single page looks like single product page looks like so this is our single product page. When we hover this image, we can see it automatically zooms in which is really good feature.

We have a very clean design. As you can see. Oh here you have different tabs. You may like section related product section, so this is basically a very, very good theme. I would recommend you my first recommendation. Is this theme? This is the shop ISIL theme. This is free, as I said, as I showed you over you, we downloaded this theme for free, so this was our first theme now, let’s jump on to another theme, so the next thing which we are going to install or which we are going to use is Thai so again we have to click on, add new theme.

I have downloaded all the themes, but I am still showing you how you can do so now here, just type in touch, and you have this theme. Oh yeah. As I said you I have downloaded. So I am NOT getting the download button, but I’ll have to activate this so I’ll click on activate okay, so this theme is activated now, let’s refresh the page, in fact, let’s go to the home page and see how the home page looks like okay.

So this is also looking very beautiful. The color design and the home page header is looking awesome. Let me zoom out a bit so that you can see more properly okay, so this is how your page would look like. In fact, I have created a two and a half hour, long lecture or a long tutorial, Johan, how to create an e-commerce website using this free theme. If you go to my blog, it’s youtube.Com slash near Shaikh, and when you see here you’ll see this is the one you know I have uploaded this one month ago.

It has got more than 10,000 views, and this is a very beautiful article. It is around 2 hours, 12 minutes long. So if you want to learn in deep how to use this free theme and create a very beautiful design, you can, you know read that article that will help you, but here let’s see how this thing looks like so this is our home page. You don’t get a premade home layout over here, but you know you and you get so many widgets using which you can you know, create very beautiful design.

I’ll show you in a moment what you can create with this theme, but let’s see different pages now. What I’ll do is I’ll open this website in a new incognito window, because what happens is when I try to use many different themes again and again, there is something called cache going on on. Google Chrome, so you know the theme changes, but the design doesn’t change. So, just don’t worry about that. Let me show you how the shocked page looks like so, let’s go so this is how your shop page will look like this is really beautiful design again, you know you have you know this images over here.

The Cart button is very beautiful. Okay, so this is your shop page. Now, let’s see a single product, let’s click on any one of this product. Ok, so this is how it looks like again, a very clean and nice beautiful website. Now let me show you what you can create with this theme. Okay, so this is the website you see, as you can see over here, you can create this beautiful theme, this article, this beautiful website, using this free theme.

In fact, in that article, which I was talking about, you have shown how to create this. This complete website using that free theme, so you guys should check out that article. If you want to create something like this. Oh yes, so this was our second theme, the tides theme and now, let’s move forward to a third theme, and that is the Easter theme. So again, go back to your dashboard click on add new and in this search bar type in East or – and here it is.

The name of the theme here is East. Also, you have to download this one when we type in is East or there are many themes that are coming, but I don’t recommend those themes. The one which I am saying is this one, which says East also download this one and click on activate. Now again, let’s go to that incognito window. Let’s go to our homepage and see what are the changes that have taken place now here when it comes to design? This is the best FREE theme which I think the design is really really beautiful.

Again I’ll show you what in a moment what you can create with this theme, but this is the basic structure. This is how your website will look like you see your card page is or your card. I can show you, and it is also looking very good. Now, let’s see the shop page, let’s click on this shop. This is our shop page and when we hover this, you can see we get two different options. One is the zoom image option and the other is the Add to Cart option.

So this is also very cool design. The customization is really useful and very simple. We can add to cut any of this product and, let’s see how a single product looks like okay. So, as I said you earlier, the design is really amazing. When you hover this image, it gets zoomed in automatically the the fonts which are used are very simple. The button is really elegant and good-looking. Again, a nice tabs, and all these things.

Okay and the organizer said you. The customization is very simple. Now let me show you what you can create with this theme, so if you see over here, this is how you can. This is the website that you can create. With that theme, you have the add wishlist or your Cart button. The homepage is like this. These are all different widgets. You know you can use these widgets to create and design your homepage.

Obviously I cannot show you that in this article this is we are just because here we are just listing the best themes. We are not getting into how you can create this website like this, but this is what you can create. You have different widgets. Let me show you when you hover this appearances, you have these widgets when you click on that visits. You see this thing. Oh you! Okay, so we have some really good widgets, for example, the one which starts with TG.

You know we have featured post horizontal promo, see these are the different widgets which are used to create this website. Okay, so you can use these different widgets and create this beautiful website just like this, okay, using a free theme, which is amazing. So this was our third theme now, let’s go ahead and see our fourth theme, so let’s click on themes again and again. Let’s click on add new, and this time you have to search for storefront okay.

So this is the one, the first one which say: storefront click on activate now. The great thing about this theme is that it is made by WooCommerce. It is made by the same company that has built WordPress that has built commerce plug-in. So this is a very, very good theme and the best best theme which I liked about this theme is that it is very, very light. You know it will make your website very faster as compared to other themes.

Okay, so let’s see how your website would look after installing this theme, okay, so this is how it would look and again another amazing thing here. Also, you get a pre-made home layout, so you don’t have to create anything you just have to edit it customize it just like. I said shown you in the first theme. You can just use the same thing and you can create this thing. You don’t have to create the home page.

That is already done for you. Okay, now, let’s see a single product. Let’s click on this now, as you can see, the page speed is really good. It is loading very fast, which is amazing. So this is your single product. This is how it would look like the design is very, very simple, and I really like that, because ecommerce websites have to be simple, you have different tabs over here. You know related products and so on now let’s see the shop page.

So this is the shop page, a very good thing, the best, as I said you earlier, the best thing that it is made by the company which has made WordPress, which has made GU commerce. So obviously you can also go with this theme very light. Very amazing theme. Now, let’s move forward and let’s see what is the next theme which we have to install so click on, add new. Obviously you don’t have to click on add new.

Again and again, I am doing this – I’m installing different different themes, just to show you guys how this theme would look like okay, now, this time we have to type in sophistic light. Ok, you can see all these names in the article description below this is the one sophistic like you: can click on activate, let’s refresh and see what are the changes that have taken place? Ok, so this is how your website would look like after you install that theme.

Ok, this is the home page. Okay! This is your cart. Let’s see the shop page! Ok, this is how you, okay, let me zoom out of it. Ok, ok! So this is how your home page would read. This is the shop page. You have this sidebar over here. You have your no products over here and you know when you hover this, you get a different image and ok. So this is also very good and many. However, this you get this option to add to cut the design is very premium.

You can even you, how are this you instead of that simple, Add to Cart button. You are getting this beautiful. I can you menu. Click on that icon. This product will be added to cart, so this is also very cool. Now, let’s open this product and see how it looks like so, this is the single page again, a very beautiful thing when you hover any of this image, the image changes automatically. You don’t have to click on that.

It changes automatically you’re, also very simple and very good-looking website very good-looking theme, a different theme, different kind of theme. Basically, even these kind of designs are available only in premium themes, but this is a very, very good theme that you’re getting for free. Ok, so we have completed five different themes. Now there are two more themes which I want to cover all these five themes which we have seen till now were you know, ecommerce themes, beer specifically made for WooCommerce and e-commerce website, but the next two themes which I’m going to talk about is you know not Specifically made for gue commerce, but you know if they are made for general purpose and when you create an e-commerce website with that.

That also looks very good. So, let’s click on add new again now this time you have to search for Astra a STR, a a very famous and very much downloaded theme. Okay. So this is the one click on activate okay. So this is how the homepage look like, but your this is not the important thing. The main important thing is this: when you go to WP astra comm, you will have many different demos ready to use.

You know you can use this demos, you can you don’t have to create the home page or so you can just install or download any one of this import them and you don’t have to create it. Everything will be done automatically. The one which says premium are not available for that. You will have to purchase the Astra Pro, but there are many free designs and layouts as well, and I forgot to mention a very important thing that you know whatever theme I am showing you try to use it with Elementor, which is a page builder.

Free page builder, that would be really helpful. Okay, that will really help you. You know improve the design of your website. So let’s see the shop page for Astra theme. This is how your shop page would look like this in terms of design. I not! I don’t really like this theme. I mean as compared to other themes which we have seen, but you know there are very many different themes that your things that you’re getting with this, like, I said you, these free demos and so on.

So now that can be helpful, but this is also a good theme in terms of on a commerce website, not the best one but a nice decent theme. Okay, so this is how your single page looks like now. Let’s see the last theme, let’s click on add new and let’s search for ocean WP. Again, as I said you, this is also not specifically made, for you know: ecommerce or vu commerce, but this also, you know you know you can create nice website nice ecommerce website with this theme as well.

So, let’s see first, let’s see the home page. So this is the home page, very simple: let’s see the shop page, okay, so shop page is really looking cool. The design of this one is very awesome. You see when you hover this, the design changes or the images changes. We have the Add to Cart button. You know the design is nice, okay, so this design is nice very good. This is the shop page. We have this site, borrow your.

You have more option like this. If you want to view this like this, you can also view it. If you wan na be like gridview and listview, you know so this is the list view. Let’s see a single product, let’s click on any one of them, okay, so this is how a single product looks like and again you can no control many things. For example, if you don’t want this sidebar, you can do so. You know you can see the documentation that will help you.

It is very easy if you don’t want the sidebar when it comes to single page single product. You can do that easily and with this theme also, you get many things for free. If you go to ocean WP com, I think that it is taught all ocean WP dot. All you will see many free layouts, which you can import and use it. Ok, so guys this was these seven themes which I really liked it, and I think this is the best.

According to me, this is the best free, more commerce themes available in the market. I hope you guys, like this article, if you guys, like this article, make sure to subscribe to my blog, also give a thumbs up to this article. If you have some other theme, if which is not listed in the list, which I just showed you and if you think that theme is really good, make sure to give that name of that theme in the very description below so that other can benefit from that.

Thanks a lot for reading guys see you soon.



Why You Shouldn’t Use WordPress! And Why WordPress is Bad

I’r going to be talking about my reasons why you shouldn’t use WordPress um okay, so I’m going to backtrack ever so slightly from that and the first reason is a bit of a soft touch one. But I think, when you’re going into me a web developer designer for the first time, you should kind of leave it open to them to to be able to give themselves the opportunity to pitch whatever CMS platform which they use and the reason behind that is because They’ve probably built hundreds of websites over their time as a web developer, and they will know best what solution matches up with the problems that your business is facing.

So if you just march straight into the room and tell them that you want a WordPress website, you might be shooting your foot, because that might not be the best solution for you. It might just be that you need to give that to developer the opportunity to maybe suggest some alternative solutions to you which might work better for your business. At the end of the day, this game is about making money being are not being an entrepreneur, and so you want a website which is going to reflect your business well, whether regardless of whether that’s built on WordPress or whatever it’s going to be.

So that’s just my caveat to start off with um, so my first reason why you shouldn’t choose WordPress is because it’s just a supercharged blogging platform. Basically, it was, it was only ever designed as a blog and then over the years and the plugins there are more and more plugins got built for it all of a sudden. Now it’s turned into this great big CMS platform that everybody talks about. Ultimately, it’s not an enterprise level CMS platform.

So if your business, if your bit, if you’re serious about your business – and you know that it’s going to scale, ok WordPress has its place in terms of solving some time and cost issues which small businesses might have. But if you’re serious about your business and you think it’s going to get scale, then I would suggest choosing an enterprise level. Cms platform WordPress does work to a certain point, but it lacks a lot of inherent functionality which I feel as CMS platform should have, and most of that is in terms of the front-end quality and the user.

Experience that your customers are going to get when they look at a website. In my opinion, a CMS platform should be inherently secure, yet WordPress you have to until install at least two plugins in order to make sure that it is secure, but that’s just a joke. I mean that that that says that some WordPress isn’t a serious CMS platform, especially if you’re serious about your business, and the same goes for if you actually, if you want to create an a high-performing website where the page is low, you know virtually instantly again.

You’ve got up and install a whole series of plugins in order to make that happen, and even then the plugins don’t always talk to one another, and you can I’ve seen WordPress websites they’ve got all of the caching turned on all of the security patches turned on. Yet when somebody tries to switch on a CDN and content distribution network which turbo charges any website and I’ve seen the CDN break that the WordPress website and which is not good for any any business, because it’s just a poor user experience, you could lose customers over Something like this so take it seriously um.

The second reason is there are thousands of plugins out there and for WordPress many of them are built by very good programmers. Those I don’t have a problem with, but some of them are going to be developed by programmers who have very bad habits now. Do you want a website built on WordPress with a plug-in installed by somebody with bad programming habits, because the likelihood is that you install that plug-in it’s going to broke, break the rest of your website and, if you’re, not a developer, you’re not going to be able To fix it, what this tends to mean is that those plugins probably contain lots of errors, poor site functionality, they don’t meet standards, compliance all of these things have an important and when it comes to search engine optimization.

Ultimately, what does Google think of your website and what your customers think of your website if it’s not standards compliant if it’s not accessible, if it’s not responsive, Google is going to mark your website down. Do you really want that with your website and and I’ve seen so many I’d say no to 9 % the websites out there WordPress websites specifically have all of these issues with them standard compliance, accessibility, responsiveness, look it up! You can’t always guarantee as well.

WordPress developers build their sites to a high standard, so you know okay, so you may have eventually be handing your website over to a developer, but those plugins that you’ve installed on there. Are they actually any good? Are you going to end up spending twice or three times the amount of money having those problems fixed and, and it might be, that those plugins are just a bit buggy and could probably be fixed, but those poor programmers may not be commenting their code.

So you don’t you’ve got no idea what’s actually going on, and the third reason is that my friend’s friend told me that WordPress is the best thing since sliced bread – and I built my website myself using WordPress a lot of people, don’t realize when they’re asking for WordPress there are alternatives out there and they get very. You know it’s very it’s funnel vision. WordPress is all they want. If you want to build a relationship with your your web designer, perhaps let them suggest a platform, especially if you’ve got your very specific about what outcomes you want out of this.

If you want your website to be highly optimized for Google to be quick loading load on mobile devices without any problems, then maybe you want to consider some of the alternatives to to WordPress or even having a custom CMS platform built for your website. And and finally, I think if you just focus purely solely on having a wordpress site, then there are lots of WordPress developers out there. I suggest you go and ask somebody who actually special specializes purely in WordPress websites, because they will understand how the plugins work and which plugins are going to be best suited to your website.

And I I know a couple of brilliant WordPress developers and whenever I get asked for a WordPress website, I’ve always got a couple of great guys who I know to recommend and refer work to, because when I speak to customers about their about optimizing their website. For from a performance perspective, especially, I know the two guys who I use to build WordPress websites know how to make press work for them in that sense, so for God, I’ve got that off my plate.

That was quite has been kind of in there for a little one. I just have to get it out there, but don’t get me wrong as well. I know that WordPress has its place and it there’s a lot of great things that you can do with WordPress. There are thousands of plugins out there, and so, if you want a cheap website set up quickly that you can install ecommerce plugins onto with a customizable and theme, then it’s the perfect platform for a small business.

But don’t forget if you’re going to go enterprise and scale your business, then maybe look for something else, or look for a very special specialized, WordPress and developer. So, to summarize my key points why I don’t like WordPress and it starts that life is just a blogging platform. There are lots of plugins, but a lot of them might be booked by very unreliable programmers and there are alternatives out there to WordPress.

And finally, just reiterate, you know, find someone who specializes in WordPress sites specifically and if you can’t be swayed away from WordPress. So thanks once again for reading the article, I hope you found some of the tips helpful and if you’ve got any questions, then please do leave some comments and boxes below the article. If you want to be informed about any future articles which I upload, then please click here to subscribe and then finally, if you haven’t already head on over to Amazon using this button, just here to buy the book online business startup thanks for reading, I’m Robin Waite



Tuto Comment installer et paramétrer le plugin Cookie Notice pour WordPress

On ferait pour n’importe quelle extension qui est disponible sur la plateforme, officielle wordpress est donc là dans le champ de recherche des extensions dont vous collez koki notice, vous validez et il apparaît en premier à la bonne heure donc on peut s’ouvrir et qui est si il A été mis à jour il n’ y, a pas très longtemps donc: c’est nickel, donc on clique sur un stade et on valide on confirme ensuite on va activer l’extension, une fois qu’elle, sera, donc, installé, donc, ici donc, vous, cliquez, sur, activer, d’extension voilà et on va; Aller faire un petit tour seront sur le site et on va voir que la barre, havas la barre de messages, voilà elle apparaît ici et vous, voyez d’abonnés en ce coup; qui il est directement livrées en france, est donc déjà vous n’êtes pas modifié sa enfin sauf.

Si vous voulez mettre un peu plus enfin personnaliser le message chose qu’au delà on va faire puisque le petit défaut de cette présentation, c’est qu’il n’ya pas de lien vers vers la page d’accueil on ne cliquez pas tout de suite sur, ok, puisque, ses plus dignes fonctionne Lui même avec un cookie qui vous permet donc de faire disparaître la barre, pendant un, certain laps de temps qui doit pas dépasser 13 mois selon la législation en vigueur et qui ne réapparaîtra pas donc avant ce délai, vous aurez, vous aurez paramétrer on va déjà allé Faire les réglages donc pour ce faire on va dans réglages et donc on recherche cookies notice, ou cliquer dessus et vous allez voir que en fait y’ a pas trente six mille réglages il est très très simple ce plugin donc on retrouve ici notre, texte, qui est.

Donc qui vient s’afficher dans la barre et si donc ensuite le texte du bouton; ok, texte ici donc, en savoir, plus on voit l’activé puisque le monde, a obligation de donner, une information plus détaillée est donc là, il faut mettre le lien de la page or le Souci, c’est que là la page pour l’instant on n’ a pas créé donc on va le faire tout de suite on va déjà enregistrés et quelques modifications que nous avons fait et donc ensuite on va créer une page dont, vous allez dans l’onglet page ajouté, voilà donc Moi j’ai fait avec un contrôle afin d’ouvrir dans une nouvelle fenêtre donc ici, bon voilà, nommé copie on va pas s’embêter ghz voilà et donc moi, je ne m’embête pas, je vais aller récupérer la page telles que je les crée sur un autre site, je fais un Copier coller du code, je préfère parce que parfois certaines certains éléments viennent s’ajouter tandis que la up on copie au col et moi, j’ai, juste modifié le nom du site, qui doit se trouver vers ici voilà, wps, traduction, comme, c’est pas celui, là, donc, je remplace par Le bon nom question point: fr donc alors ce texte, il vient de google à l’origine il a été un petit peu arrangé parent un ami à moi qui est à ajouter d’autres choses au projet, laisser le lien tant qu’ à faire alors ce type de page.

Bon comme on le retrouvera sûr beaucoup de si tôt peut penser on peut raisonnablement penser que google pénalisera propres contenus dupliqués mais toutefois ça, mange pas de pain, si vous êtes équipés de wordpress au bail, aux as tu moi, je vous invite à aller dans les paramètres Âge avancé et donc meta, robots index, vers vous cliquez, sur non index, comme ça votre page n’est pas indexé, c’est pas important, pour votre référencement, c’est même absolument aucune importance; donc autant le faire ça mange pas de pain, est donc là on a notre page qu’ils qui Est créé donc ça on va renouveler la page du site, voilà vous voyez que moi la page cookies, l, arrivée ici au, niveau du menu, alors si vous n’avez pas paraître et paramétrer, pardon le l’ajout automatique d’un des pages de premier, niveau à votre menu, il faudra Quoi vous l’ajoutez vous-même manuellement voilà ça, c’est ajouter parce que j’ai paraîtrait à paramétrer cette possibilité 1 dans les réglages du menu landes, a donc notre page d’information sur les cookies, il nous reste plus qu’ à la relier à ce bouton en savoir, plus donc on va.

Retourner ici pareil on renouvelle la page parce que sinon quand on va aller voilà ici voyez, vous cliquez dans l’yonne page vous avez, un sélectionneur qui vous propose toutes les pages existantes sur votre site et donc là on a nous la nôtre cookies voilà, c’est pour ça Que j’ai renouvelé la page avant de le faire ici sinon on n’aurait pas eu notre fameuse page cookies, donc voilà le délai d’expiration, c’est ce que, je vous disais, c’est la durée, pendant, laquelle, votre, barre de messages, ici elle va disparaître, c’est à dire que par exemple En ami à moi si je tique sur, ok ici, je veux pas le faire parce que sinon après on la verra plus mais si je le faisais la barre, elle, va disparaître pendant un mois, c’est à dire que que je revienne cent fois sur le site une Fois ou pas du tout pendant ces 30 jours elle ne réapparaîtra pas à partir du moment, où j’utilise le même, pc bien sûr, voilà donc ensuite on va faire au fur et à mesure j’ai tendance à aller un peu trop vite donc expiration des cookies, voilà donc Là vous pouvez activer ou désactiver ensuite la position, obama tenait on va on va appliquer sur bois pour vous voyez que ça change, bien animation, n’, a aucune fondue aux glissements on va laisser fondu, c’est pas trop, mal style les boutons aucun j’ai pas regardé mais.

Bon ça veut dire ce que, ça veut dire wordpress, sincèrement moi, j’ai regardé, ses projets, jeunes vous pouvez le faire, pardon vous, pouvez faire le test, pour pourquoi mais, je vous conseille en tout état de cause de laisser celui ci et après donc vous pouvez paramétrer les Couleurs du texte et de la barre, alors donc par exemple on va mettre aux mollahs comme on a déjà un couleur foncée ici pour vous puissiez vous rendre compte on va mettre du gland, pardon je vais inversée voilà on va inverser les couleurs en fait donc là On va mettre du blanc, du noir pardon et ici on veut mettre du blanc, voilà donc on enregistre les modifications, toujours et maintenant on va renouveler notre page pour voir les modifications, voyez que la barre up, aller descendu ici est, donc allé passer, aux blancs et de Texte en noir voilà donc coûté pour que la telles apparaissent un peu plus franchement où on va on va on va changer la couleur à les jeux ça va péter mais, c’est juste pour vous puissiez voir en fait comment.

Vous pouvez changer le rendu que cela peut avoir voyez, bon ben là, ça pète on ne peut pas dire que les gens sont pas avertis voilà donc si on clique sur en savoir plus et un moment, donné sur notre fameuse page cookies. C’Est, bon voilà et si on clique sur, ok, voilà, ça, disparaît, c’est bien ce que, je vous disais non mais, écoutez, je pense qu’on, a fait à peu près le tour de cette extension vous voyez, qu’elle est très simple elle est disponible en français, donc pour ceux Qui veulent pas s’embêter franchement, c’est à ce jour le l’extension la plus, simple la plus, facile que j’ai trouvé pour se mettre en conformité par rapport à cette nouvelle législation eh bien écoutez, je vous embête pas plus longtemps, je vous dis à bientôt pour un prochain tutoriels Vidéo allez ciao ciao



How to Use Subversion with the WordPress Plugin Directory

I decided to make this clear, plain English tutorial to completely explain how to use subversion with the WordPress plug-in directory check it out. If you don’t already have one you need, a wordpress.Org user account go to wordpress.Org, you can do forums, then click register fill it out.

It’s like any other registration process. Next, you need to request space in the WordPress plug-in directory, go to wordpress.Org, extend plugins, add you’ll, need to login and then put in the details of your plug-in. If you have not finished developing your plugin, you can leave this blank. Then click send post and it’s time to wait, your plug-in space will be approved by a real live breathing human being rather than by machine.

So it can take a couple of days. That’s why we did this step first, before moving on, while you’re waiting for your spot in the plug-in directory, you need to get a subversion client installed on your machine. This tutorial is done on Windows, so we’ll use tortoise SVN if you’re on a Mac. I understand SC plug-in is similar and quite a good solution. Next pick a directory on your local machine for all projects, you want subversion to track, I’m in a Documents folder in a projects folder, which, incidentally, I know, is automatically backed up twice a day.

I created a directory called WordPress plugins public. Let me point out a mistake. My friend made, so you can avoid it on your local machine. You may have a complete web server installation, including Apache, PHP and so forth. Then you have a wordpress installation where you are testing and developing your new swank plugin. It’s important for you to realize this copy of your plugin is completely separate from the copy that needs to be managed in the subversion directory.

We just got done making more on this later. Eventually, your request for a spot in the plug-in directory will be approved and you’ll receive an email like this. The most important part is at the top. It’s a URL to your SVN repository you’ll need this link for our next step, where we start tracking your project with your subversion client. Let’s return to the folder we made for subversion to store local copies of your development projects inside here.

Let’s create a new folder for your plugin, I usually name the folder after the endpoint of the plugin directories, URL to start tracking your project. We need to hook up your local development folder with the directory created on the subversion server. Right-Click, your local project folder and choose SVN check out the first field. Url of repository should be the URL you received in your approval, email from wordpress.

Org. This is the location of your project on their subversion. Server checkout directory is the folder on your local machine subversion uses to track your project because you started the checkout process by right-clicking that folder in the first place. This should be set correctly. Leave the other settings as shown and click. Ok, your subversion client begins pulling all of the files as they currently stand on the subversion server.

For my plugin there are several files already there. That’s why you see so much activity for a new plugin. You won’t see much activity here at all. Click. Ok, then open the local folder for your project now you’ll see an invisible folder called SVN and branches tags and trunk will discuss these next in your subversion project. Folders trunk is where the latest development should be stored. So in your development environment get done with changes to your plugin.

At this point, any updates to your readme text file also need to be finished, then select it all copy it and paste it into trunk. After you copy your changed files to trunk, you need to update the subversion server right. Click, your local subversion project, folder and choose SVN commit leave yourself a message about this commit if you need to and review the changed files below these two files have changed and will be sent to the subversion.

Server click. Ok, as the files are updated on the subversion server you’ll be updated. Here, click! Ok! When you’re done once you’re ready for the public to use your plugin, you need to tag a version to set aside and leave alone in your local subversion project. Folder right click on trunk and choose SVN branch tag in the to path field. After the name of your plugins folder, add a forward slash the word tags, another forward.

Slash and a version number for this release. Add a message for this tagging. If you need it and leave these other settings alone, then click OK. Subversion is now creating a copy of what’s found in trunk on the subversion server. It’s creating that copy in a subdirectory called tags and another subdirectory called zero point. Nine point: nine: when subversion finishes creating this newly tagged copy, you may receive a notice about your working copy on a previous path.

You can safely ignore this notice that newly tagged version was created on the subversion server. We need to pull those changes down to our locally managed subversion project folder, now right-click the project folder again and choose SVN update this pulls any changes from the subversion server that are not reflected in the local copy of your project. Your final step to let the public use your newly tagged version is to update the readme text file in the projects trunk folder.

This is because the WordPress plug-in directory looks specifically inside trunk at the readme text file for the stable tag it uses that information to decide what the most current version is for the public. We just tagged a zero nine nine version of content scheduler, so we changed that Keir save the file, and now we need to right-click on the local subversion project. Folder again and choose SVN commit it’s important to understand the rest of the readme text.

File found in trunk is ignored. You may know the plug-in directory uses the readme text file to build your projects page in the directory, but it uses the readme text file from the stable tagged version: here’s zero nine eight. It will look in tags, zero, nine, eight and use that readme text file to build your projects, information throughout the life of your plugin. The cycle continues in your development environment.

You make changes to your plug-in test it and also keep the readme text file up to date with any change. Log information FAQ s and so forth when you’re ready to commit copier, changed files and paste them into trunk, and your local subversion project folder make sure the readme text file in trunk still indicates the correct, stable tag version you want the public to use. At any point, right-click your local subversion project folder and choose SVN, commit to move your changes in trunk over to the subversion server again.

As long as the readme text file in your trunk folder indicates the correct current version. Nothing will change for the public once you feel. Your new developments in trunk are ready for the public. It’s time to tag a new version, remember just as before, visit trunk, right-click, SVN branch tag and follow the directions as before in the article



Top 10 FREE Plugins For WordPress 2018 | Must Have Plugins For WordPress!

Com and welcome to a very special article because in this article I’m going to show you the top 10 free wordpress plugins in the market. Now I have already created our top 10 free WordPress plugins article around 4 months ago, but that article included all the obvious plugins, like you know the Oh Yoast SEO element or a kismet or WP super cache and so on. So those were of all the obvious plugins, they are the top plugins.

There is no doubt they are very, very useful. They are, you know, accepted by everyone by all the developers, all the WordPress experts, but the thing is they are all the obvious plugins. You already know about them now in this article I’ll be taking look at 10 plugins, which are not really obvious, not very famous, but they are very useful and they are really great plugins. So, let’s start and before proceeding further make sure you guys subscribe to my blog and also click on that Bell, icon so that he don’t miss any future articles and if you have any doubt any queries, any questions, any suggestions for me.

You can leave them in the comment section below with that being said: let’s get started so the first plug-in that we are going to take a look at is all-in-one WP migration. Now this plugin exports all your WordPress files and folders, including your database, media files, pages post comments, authors, plugins themes and so on. Almost everything it exports your entire website, with no technical knowledge required into one single file.

Now this is very important because if you go to export your file or in normally manually it’s just so difficult and it requires a lot of technical knowledge, but using this plug-in, you can export it very easily very quickly into one single file and now tomorrow, if You want to move your website to some other domain. Suppose if you have one domain and if you want to move your website to some other domain, you can simply export the files from your and go to the new domain and import everything.

And you will have exact same website the clone of the original website, so very, very useful plugin and it is very, very easy to use and to export and import the website using this plug-in. Now let me show you this: when you download and install the plug-in you’ll get this thing over here, this menu or you’re at the left-hand side, you’ll see all-in-one, WP migration. When you have all this, you will see export import and backup when you click on export.

Here, as you can see now, you can click on this button, export to file FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive and so on. So you want to export to file. So you select this file now it is exporting your website. It will take some time a few seconds. A few minute, as you can see, it is exporting around 6000 files, but it will not take much time. Don’t worry so once it is ready. You’ll have one file downloaded and you go to other website.

You download the same plug-in and instead of export, you click on import. Then you select import from file and you select that file whatever that file is and your website will be completely changed, so very, very useful plug-in. I recommend everyone to use this plug-in very useful. It will always help you and it is a very good, well rated plug-in now the second plug-in that we are going to take a look, in fact the second plug-in is related to a category.

What I do is normally when I create these kind of articles. I try to cover all kind of plugins. Ok, I don’t cover only the page builders or just one category don’t cover just one category. I try to cover all the different carries, for example, a website for security website for page building and website for your performance and so on and so forth. Ok, so I try to cover all the categories, so the second website of the second plug-in is related to image.

Optimization category. Now there two plugins that I recommend in this category. Ok, so the first one is WP smash and the second one is, I think that it is called short pixel image optimizer if I’m not wrong. Now. Image optimization plug-in is very, very useful and very very important what it does. Is it optimizes your image? It compresses your image suppose you have many different images on your website and this is very important plugin for people who have many different images on your website.

Ok, so what it does, is it optimizes and compresses your image? So the this, for example, your image size – is a full-width size, for example, nine 1920 into 1080 psi a pixel image. What this will do is it will compress the size, because a normal image of that size will be around 2 or 3 MB. But what this will do is it will compress it and make it around 200, 300 Kb, so very, very useful, and you will will you will not face any.

You know, change in the quality of the image. The quality will remain the same. Only this size will decrease. Okay, the size will also remain the same. Only the file size will decrease. Okay, so very, very important. Now this indirectly affects your SEO ranking because, once once your images are compressed, it will increase the page, speed and decrease the page load time, and once that happens, you will gain better SEO ranking and Google will rank you higher, so very, very, very important, plug-in again.

Now suppose you download this plug-in, for example, if you download smash you’ll, see an option or your smash, you can see at the bottom left hand side now here is you can see around 340 images has been CH must or compressed. Then you, if you want to whenever you upload a new image, it will be compressed automatically, ok, so very, very useful, plugin. Now the third plug-in in our list is orbit Fox by T mile.

Now this is a very cool plugin, because what it does is it extends the functionality of your theme. It adds many different features in in your theme and on or in your website. It has many different modules, like social media share buttons and icons. Uptime monitoring, Google Analytics it, you can add menu icons in your menu. Ok, so you can add icons in your menu bar. It also has one click, import, page template option and you get many templates page templates, which are you know, supported by Elementor as well.

Now, when you download this plug-in you’ll see a new option over here, Orbitz Fox anyhow or this, you will see that two different options when you click on the second one template directory you’ll, see there’s so many pre-built per page layouts professional page layout. So you can import directly on your website using Elementor, ok. So this is related to element and we click on general settings. You see there are so many different modules available.

You can activate or deactivate them. If you want the first one is social sharing, module uptime monitor, so first module adds those social, social sharing buttons on your website on your post on your pages, the second module which is uptime monitor. Whenever your website is town, your servers down, it will email you that you know your website and server is down and what you should do next now. The third one is analytics integration.

This is a very nice module because you can, you know, integrate your Google Analytics with your website very easily. Then you have template directory module. You can add icons to your menus. Then there are many different, beautiful things. For example, as I said, you can add icons to your menu, so what you can do you can hover appearances, go to menus. Okay. Now, when you come over here, if you see, let’s see, let’s expand this when you expand this, you will see this option or your icon and you can select.

I can, for example, this is the homepage, so you can search home over here and you’ll see a related. Ok, you can see this icon. You can use this icon for your home menu. Ok, so very, very useful, plugin again, so this was our third plugin. Now a fourth plug-in is tiny MC at once now this plug-in lets, you add, remove and arrange buttons that are shown on a visual editor toolbar and it makes it more user friendly.

You can configure up to four rows of button, including font size now earlier. Without this plug-in, we were not able to. You know, make font sizes in your visual composer or in your visual editor toolbar. But with this you can change font, size, font, family background, color and so on. Now let me show you this now: let’s create a new post, so let’s how our post and click on add new. Okay. Now, if you see oh your, this doesn’t look like the ordinary page editor.

You have some different options over here. You have these things at the top. You can create tables. Using this, you can see very easily. You can change font size, which was not possible. This is possible all because of tiny MCE at once. You can see you can change the fontsize from here. You can have a background, color text context color was present, but you can also have background color and so on, and you can also change this format.

Suppose you don’t want these things over here and if you don’t want this paragraph thing or your, so you can do that as well. So what you can do is you can I think you can, how our appearances or maybe settings, I guess, let’s see setting yeah here it is, you can have our settings and you will have this option tiny MC at once. Now, when you click on this, you can see you can, you know just integrate it and you can do everything according to your choice, you can make some changes so here suppose I don’t want this thing.

I can drag it over here under unused button, and if I want something new then I can just for example, I want this thing mark. I can bring it over here, okay, so this is how easy it is see. You can use emotions images here in. Oh here you can add this icon at the top. Okay, now you can add some more things. For example, you can add a new line. Okay, it’s all up to you so very, very useful, plug-in.

I really like this. It is very helpful. You will understand menu if you have created a website, if you already own a WordPress website, and you want to create poster you’ll, understand the use and need for this one, and you also have this beautiful thing or your with sis code. Whenever you want to insert some HTML CSS code, it is very difficult to do with the regular page, editor or visual editor, but with this you can easily do it and it will display, as HTML and CSS code on your website.

Okay, so very, very easy! Ok guys now, let’s move on to the fifth plug in the fifth one or the fifth plugin in our list is black studio, tiny MCE widget. Now this is also related to this visual editor. Okay. So what this plug-in does is: it adds a new visual, editor widget that allows you to insert rich text and media objects in your sidebars, okay, without any problem, without any technical knowledge.

Okay, so this is also very important earlier. What was happening? Let me explain you this first, let me just deactivate this plug-in a black studio tinymce and after that we can understand the difference. Okay, so here it is. Let me deactivate this okay and let me go to widgets. Okay, our appearances open this widgets tab in a new tab. Alright, now earlier, when you want to add some text over here, let me show you here: we have text, let’s add oh here, so when you want to add text, you have only these options.

This is the default WordPress options. Okay, you can make it bold italic. You can burn only these five options, but if you want those more options like we have, when we add the post, you can activate this plug-in lets activate and, let’s see again what happens so. We have activated it, let’s refresh this okay now, when you see when you scroll down you’ll, see a new option: visual editor. Now we can add this widget over here and you will see all this beautiful options over here.

So you can – and you also get those tiny MC advanced the earlier plug-in option as well. Okay, we have all these options over here, so very, very easy to do. You can add beautiful things in your sidebar any in your. You know footer as well so very useful plug-in again now the six plug-in in our list is updraft, plus WordPress, backup plug-in it is a backup plug-in. It is a very, very easy and the most important thing is it is free it is.

It has got more than 1 million active installs that one more than 1 million websites in the world, which has is still activated, which has this plug-in activated on their website. So you can understand how important and how useful this plug-in is. Now this makes your backups and your restoration very, very easy. It is the world’s highest ranking and most popular backup plug-in. You can share your backup.

It’s very easy. You can back, you know, upload your backup and or keep your backup on different locations. For example, you can upload your backup on Dropbox Google Drive and so on, or you can have them on your local computer very, very easy, very useful, plug-in. Now, let’s see how this works. Now, if you want to use this one, you get one option: when you have all settings, you’ll see this updraft plus backup, see when you click on this you’ll see the options here it is, you can just click on this button to backup now and it will Backup all your files you’ll get a new file.

Now what you can do is you can schedule this? Ok, so let us see we can go to settings, and here you have files backup schedule. Ok, so you can back up every 12 hours every day every week. Every month and you can, where you can select where you want to save your backups, you can select Dropbox, and then you select Dropbox. You have to put in your Dropbox credentials below when you select FTP, you have to put in your FTP credentials below so very, very useful, free backup, plug-in very useful and, as I said you earlier, it is very popular.

More than 1 million websites have actively installed this plug-in on their website. Now the 7 plug-in in our list is ad inserted by Igor funa. Now this is a very, very useful and very simple plug-in. Now many people complain that they are not able to add those. Google ads on their website, they are getting that problem. That script is not loading this and that so you know I do understand. It is a bit you know tricky to do it for the first time when you’re doing that for the first time inserting ads on your website.

You know the location, you have to choose the location where you want to add. Sometimes it doesn’t work and so on and so forth. Now this plug-in simplifies your work. This is the best ad management plug-in with many advanced advertising features, and it supports all kind of WordPress ads, including your google, adsense, contextual, amazon, native shopping, ads, media, dotnet, ads and rotating banners and so on, and also you get so many different and advanced options and Features with this plug-in now, let’s see how this works.

When you download this plug-in, you get, this option, add inserter and under settings. You click on this add inserter and you can see this screen now. What happens? Is you have to copy and paste your Google Ad script over here? Ok, so whatever the code, you get add code, you have to paste it over here and you can see you. You have different blocks like block 1 block 2 block 3. So suppose you have inserted your code in under block 1.

Then you get many options. You know many automatic options, for example, if you want to add – or if you want to show these ads on every post, you can select this thing or you can select only individually, enabled or individually disabled or if you want to show this ads on home page. You can select this home page. If you want to show this, where these ads on search pages, you can select these things and so on.

You can also convert this ad under shortcode, so you can just simply take McCoy your it will convert this ad into shortcode and whenever you want to upload this ad, you simply copy the shortcode from your and paste it wherever you want to show this ad suppose. You want to show your ad under some post. You can simply paste in this shortcode under repost. If you want to show this this ad on your sidebar, you go you, you add a new widget text.

Widget and you add this shortcode over there so very very useful, plug-in again very useful. You can earn a lot of money using this plug-in, obviously by using Google Adsense and so on, and it simplifies your work very useful plug-in now. The 8 plug-in that we are going to look is actually here. So you have two options and this is a form builder, so you have two options over here. You have WP forms and you also have ninja forms, so you can use any one of those.

Both are almost the same. So you, when you, if you are using a ninja forms you can have over here you’ll this you’ll, get this option. Ninja forms you can hover your click on add new. I am NOT including WP form so here, because I have included that plug-in in the earlier article. Ok now, when you do so, you just get many different options, for example the premade layouts for you, okay, suppose you want to create our form too, maybe for event.

Registration, so you can just simply click over here and you’ll get a premade form. Let us see how it looks. Ok, you have this here. First name last name: email address any food requirement and when you click on this you can see this is actually a radio list. You can select vegan, you can select whatever you want: okay, vegetarian, so on and so forth, and you can add or delete something from here.

For example, if you don’t want this phone number from here, you can simply click on over here and you can delete it. Let us see where we have this option or you don’t click it. I guess you just use just click on done, you simply how old it and you will get this option to delete it. Okay, so you can simply from here. Let’s click on delete. Okay, I think it is not loading. Don’t worry. I think there is some problem with me.

My internet connection create, as you can see, I am getting some error, oh yeah, and if you want to add some new fields, you can simply click on this plus button. You have so many different options, so you’re related to you know different things. You if you want single checks, checkbox, you can simply add over here and you have this option. Then you can configure this option and so on so very very useful plug-in.

I would say: ok, so you can use it according to your choice, so this was our 8 plugin. I guess now. The ninth plug-in on our list is duplicate post by enrico Petacci. I know I’m pronouncing it wrong, but no problem. Now. This plug-in also has to more than 2 million active installs, so you can understand how famous and useful this plug-in can be now what happens is let us first get from here get up from here and let’s see what how this works so suppose you click on Post, you have different posts now I have only one post now.

Instead of creating and again this thing, I can simply clone this post. Ok, so I can copy this post. You can clone at different pages as well. Now I have a copy of this one. I can edit it and this will be a totally different page or totally different post. Ok, so this is very, very useful. You have some more options over here, but basically this is the basic thing that it does. You get some more options you can go through.

The plug-in page you will see or what more options do you have? Okay, so but very useful. You can understand why more than 2 million people have actively installed this plug-in on their website. So you can understand how useful this can be. Now the last plug-in on our list is BJ, lay a lazy load very, very useful, plug-in again. It will improve the performance and speed of your website. Now. What this plug-in does is it you know, does not load.

What happens is suppose someone is living or seeing a post or reading a post on your website and that post has many different images. So what happens is if it has many different images? Obviously, it will take a lot of time to load that page and there chances that a user might just exit your website go to some other website or they might you know not like it, and it is also not good for SEO purposes purposes.

Now. What this plug-in does is it will load your website very fast, and how does this? How does this do because suppose you have ten different images on one single post? Okay, so suppose you see this page over here, you have two images over here and when you scroll down, do we have some more images suppose this is also an image. So when you open this page, only these two images will load. Okay and this image will not load, this image will load.

The bottom image will only load when the user Scrolls to that section. Now, though, when the user comes to this section only then this will load, it will not load and whatever images are present in the bottom, they will not load until and unless I go to that section, I scroll to that section so very, very important, plug-in again. Okay, so these were my top 10 free plugin list. I hope you have enjoyed this article.

I hope you have find something useful at least one useful B plug-in for your website. If you like this article, make sure to subscribe to my blog also give a thumbs up to this article. You can click on that bad. I can so that you don’t miss any future articles. If you have any doubt any queries, any question, any suggestion for me leave them in the comment section below and please let me know if you know some useful plugins that you can share with me and share with the community.

That would be really really helpful so that whenever I create this list after 2 3 months, then I can include those plugins. So please, let me know if you know any special and useful free plugins. Ok, thanks a lot for reading guys see you soon.



Clickfunnels VS WordPress – Which is better?

So the question goes something like this: I’ve looked into Brunson’s products before seems overpriced and limited seems to me that all Brunson is selling is another page builder that is basically on his own platform. So really you as a creator, you don’t even own your own content and also the page builder itself – is very limited in what it can do.

So you know what I thought I could make this article and just go and talk about the differences between the two and you as the content creator or as an entrepreneur. You can decide what works best for you and towards the end of this article. I’ll also be talking about my experiences and what I recommend to you. So, first of all, let’s look at these two products so over here we have sales click funnels and we also have WordPress.

So WordPress is mainly a blogging and WordPress building platform. So that’s what is mainly very, very good at, in fact, most or majority of websites out there on the Internet are built using WordPress. Now, let’s take a look at click funnels now on clicks below side. This is mainly a sales and marketing funnel builder, okay. So the main goal is to sell products with this platform. However, there are also other features where you can have a membership site, affiliates marketing, automation and so on.

But the most important thing here and the differences between the main two products is one which is click funnels, is set to is said to make selling easy. So if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, it makes that whole sales process easy because it’s creates those pages. For you and you can get your results really fast on the wordpress side, it’s mostly about building website, so it does a very, very good job of that.

Now, when I take a look at these two products on the WordPress side of things, you can make it work, as a page builder, in fact, is quite a lot of plugins out there that you can use to replicate what pretty much click funnels does, and that Is also much cheaper if you were to do it that way, so you have to now add extra pieces of software for this to work now this can be very I mean this can be very challenging for for people out there, because it needs some sort of Technical ability or the know-how of WordPress and when things go wrong, you need to be able to go in and start fixing things so for some people.

That may be a bit too much to be honest because it can be challenging. I’ve used WordPress for about 10 years and even though I have the experience, I also have my frustrations. Sometimes when things don’t work out, especially when you update plugins and they’re plugged in conflicts. So, on the other side, if you look at clickfunnels it’s an all-in-one platform, so that means everything is under one roof.

Of course it’s it’s a self-hosted, so you’re not actually hosting it yourself, but it gives you that solution that everything is under one umbrella. All you have to do is just to learn how to use clickfunnels the platform itself and pretty much. That’s all you need, whereas here on WordPress, you have to learn WordPress itself, which is not too difficult and by the way I have a free wordpress course.

If you do decide to start learning hard to use WordPress, the link will be in the description below alright, so moving on, I digress there. So with WordPress, you learn WordPress itself and then, as soon as you start, adding these other plugins. Some of these plugins come with their own complexity, so you have to learn how these plugins work. In order for you to achieve your results, for example, let’s say you want to setup your website.

Your WordPress website is a membership website. You could buy a plug-in like member press, but you do need to learn how that plug-in works, how you can optimize it and make it work for you, and that has a learning curve. And let’s say you want to turn your website into a new commerce web website. Again, you have to go in set it all up and make sure everything is working. Okay. So, as I mentioned before, this comes with a massive learning curve.

So each item you add on to WordPress: you have to know how it works, and then, on top of that you have to also especially if you’re hosting yourself, you have to find very good hosting companies, because these websites, if you don’t maintain them, they are also Prone to attacks so on clickfunnels side I haven’t really heard of clickfunnels being done because it’s been attacked or these viruses and stuff like that.

I may be wrong. I don’t know because I’m just also getting started with clickfunnels, just to see how these two platforms work and the benefits of each other. So I’m not here to say I’m an expert on clickfunnels this. These are just my observations and what I’ve learned about these two platforms. So far I mean I’ve been using WordPress, mainly for the past 10 years and page builders, of course, with with WordPress.

But you know the functions are definitely different. So if you’re deciding whether to use clickfunnels or WordPress, of course, the choices is yours, because you have to now look at. Do I have the time to go in and start learning how WordPress works and learning all these plugins and also learning how to maintain your own website, or do you just go with clickfunnels and just learn one system and that’s it, and also, if you’re, an entrepreneur And your goal is to sell products, there is training that comes on the clickfunnels side and they also there’s also a massive community that you get when you when you choose to go with clickfunnels.

So these are the sort of things that you have to weigh in now. If you ask me, what would I recommend, I would say, use both okay, not for the same purpose of selling but use WordPress as your blogging platform. Now the reasons why you want to do that are, first of all, if you create content which is SEO rich, that means that each time people search on the internet, for your specific articles, your articles could be appearing and, as those articles appear, this is how you Can you know, increase your brand awareness or if you have affiliate links, you can also embed your links on your post, and this is how you grow organically, whereas on pick funnels, it’s not a platform for blogging, so it won’t do a good job of that.

So this is why you need both. So your blogging platform is for your branding just your awareness, writing articles and also projecting yourself as an expert, because you’re writing a lot of articles. So with that now you can have your products in your blog posts or in your in your website, which then you sell using clickfunnels. So in there you can have links that link to click funnels they and then, when you get to click funnels, you get to a landing page which then you know, does your upsells downsells order, bumps and so on.

So that’s how you would work with these two and that’s what I recommend. Having just click funnels means. Your type of traffic that you have to rely on is probably going to be a paid, because you don’t want you, don’t really like care about the blog inside of things, so your traffic will primarily be paid, whereas with the WordPress side of things you know you Can start ranking slowly-slowly for your articles that you create and depending on which niche that you choose, you can actually dominate and get a lot of clicks for free because you’re ranking organically.

So this is my take on these two platforms. Like I said, I would use both of these platforms and by the way, if you want to learn how to design websites using WordPress or create your own blogs. I have a link in the show notes below which you can go to and sign up for. My free course in terms of WordPress, I mean in terms of click funnels, I’m actually in the process of creating a course, click click funnels.

So if you want to learn or get started with click funnels, I will also leave a link in the show notes below where you can sign up for this course. These two courses are absolutely free, so all you have to do is to go ahead and sign up for these courses. Alright guys. This is my article about wordpress vs. Click funnels. Let me know what you think may have been missing a few things here. So leave your comments in the comments box below see you later,



Leon Stafford: WordPress As A Static Site Generator

So a little bit about me, it’s my little WordPress dating profile here yeah. I left Australia when I was 20 travelled around the world and did a bunch of sort of tech related work for different places, and Here I am okay, so static websites, we’ll start off with what they are. Okay and then we’ll move on to how you can go about getting one, how you can go back, converting your WordPress site into a static site and whether or not that’s actually going to be suitable for the type of website that you’ve got okay.

So if you look at a static site and you look at a dynamic site, this is part of the. What are they? You shouldn’t really notice any difference when you’re looking at it as a user visually, there’s, no difference and again looking at the code, no difference at all, so it’s still a bit mysterious now. So what is it? What is what is a static site? What is the difference, all right, here’s a little hint if you’ve ever been to a a project hosted on github and the URL is something that github.

I owe then you’re looking at a static site there, but the real, the real guts of it. The real difference between a static site and a dynamic site is a static site is pre generated and we look at WordPress as an example here. So when you’ve got your WordPress site and you create a post in your WordPress dashboard, the post content is living in the database. You’ve got a database. You may not be aware that you’ve even got a database.

You just log into your WordPress and you at a post and your users, it’s your site, and they see that. But what’s going on behind the scenes is that they they go to your page and it’s making a request to your server and pulling this. This content out of your database and all that takes not lots of time but enough time that it can be a problem for a heavily viewed site or a site. But it’s got some performance issues because you’ve got lots of plugins and things running now with a static site you’re, getting rid of all that all that time, there’s there’s no time going and fetching different pieces of content from the server and doing other tasks.

In the background, as soon as the user goes to your page, boom they’ve got the whole the whole content right in front of them. In doing so, it uses very minimal resources if you’re hosting a static site, and you get some media attention or you get linked to on front page of Reddit or something like that. Your site’s not going to break a sweat as opposed to if you’ve got a WordPress site and you haven’t sort of planned for massive traffic and put it through tests.

You can find yourself with a site, that’s offline and it happened to a friend of mine running a charity. Last week they got media exposure in the UK, got some television coverage and their sites down, and that’s the worst time because you’ve got all these people. We’ve got the media attention and they’re coming to a blank page. There’s lots of ways you can. You can mitigate that just within WordPress itself, most people have been using WordPress for a while use some some caching plugins some things that will help with handling handling traffic.

Another advantage with the static site is you: can you can use that offline? So if you’re a designer and you’re building your WordPress site, and you want to hand that to a client for approval or preview, you can put it on a USB stick CD. If you still use CDs hand it to them and, and they can pesticide out, you don’t have to worry about, you know whether the site’s still online and what sort of version they’re going to see you take a snapshot, give it to them and they can approve That, with the with I’m, going to talk a bit later about a product that I make that allows you to take your WordPress side and turn it into a static side.

And one of one of my main customer groups are people that are worried about security. Secur gave that WordPress site and again there’s lots of ways. You can mitigate security when you’re running a WordPress site, but for a lot of people. If you’re a digital agency, you met, you might have hundreds of sites, but you still don’t have the resources to hire a full time. You know security expert for your company and so when you’ve got something that’s so easily easily customizable like WordPress, any of your clients can, if they’ve got access to their to their site, they can go in and they can turn on plugins.

They can download a plug-in and they can copy and paste some random code. They found on the Internet and that’s that’s the beauty of WordPress. It’s so easy to to add content to to get your side up to modify it. But it comes with a lot of security implications. You know no one’s checking the code that the plug-in the plugin or thermate, or the theme author made and for a lot of us. It’s not something we can do.

I’r not a security expert myself and my solution back in the day to to create my product was. I don’t wan na have to deal with that security issue. So if I can take my WordPress content, keep it as it is the beauty of rapid development, but then get rid of this whole security concern of hosting a WordPress site. By taking it static, then that’s great and that’s what I did so. The three main points of a static site, the security of mention performance – touched on a bit where, especially when you’ve got lots of load on your side, you’ve got.

You know 10,000 people all at once. You can. You can test your current website, your WordPress website. You can go to some online load testing tools that will simulate what it’s going to be like when a hundred people or a thousand people or 10,000 people all visit your site at once, and you may be interested to find how quickly it it will fail or Will start getting slower and slower to respond to each request, so the page is going to load slower and we all know that slow page loads do not make for happy users.

Once your once you’ve got a static site, you can. You can throw crazy amounts of traffic at it and again you won’t break a sweat. The last thing that I really like one of my passions is is open, source low resource computing. You know so like enabling and even people that may not be as fortunate to have the luxuries you have in Australia or even if you’re in Australia. Not everyone has the money to spend on hosting to spend on latest computers.

All these sort of things and static sites are really really great in enabling you to. I don’t know. I guess you can have your. You can have your really nice-looking side that you built with WordPress and you put all your features into it, but you don’t need to pay for hosting at all. There are lots of really good sites hosting providers out there at the moment where you can put a static representation of your website and host it for free and with some extra benefits as well.

Now we’ll cover some of some of those providers later on. It’s not the the primary users of my my software or not. You know the ones looking for that for that free hosting, but I think it’s a really exciting aspect. You know I’ve paid over the years last 10-15 years paying for hosting for WordPress. It would go up to, I know from $ 40 $ 250 a month depending on the site and when you can pay zero for that, that means you can focus those costs on more important things and again, if someone’s looking at your site, it looks visually exactly The same whether it’s static or dynamic, but you don’t have to pay for it.

That’s a big, a big bonus, just to reiterate security-wise, if you’re hosting your site, statically you’re, not worried about your database credentials, you’re, not worried about your file, permissions and you’re, not worried about any vulnerabilities in plugins or anything like that about the only thing you have To worry about is your main username and password for wherever you’re hosting your site all right, so this one might be a little bit more technical, but for anyone who is or using a caching plugin for WordPress, like w3 total cache caching is great and it solves A lot of solves a lot of problems, but for in order for for caching to work, though, you’ve usually got to have one person at least visit that page and – and you know, run through it, allow to do all that that fetching in the back in the Backend hitting the database pulling your content out and from that point on, subsequent visitors will really receive that that case version, and so while you might have a really big site and it’s really busy some really large sites.

I’ve worked on utilize, w3, total cache and eight, but being that the site was so heavy if ever the page content changes or something something changes on the side. That requires a non caching request to happen. Then that could be enough to really slow down that side. Again and cause you caused you pain, so here are some of those that I mentioned before. Some that offer free hosting for your static site and some of the ones in the in the top free layer are ones that have a free tier, so something like Amazon Web Services.

You can host with their s3. It’s just like a simple storage solution and kind of like something like Dropbox put files in it, and people can access them specifically with this one. They they make it very easy to host your site using that natla Phi is a really big, really big thing. At the moment, they’ve just got an extra thirty million dollars in funding and they’re very happy for you to host your site for free on them, provided it’s static.

They’re their biggest market is not straight static sites. At the moment, it’s more something called the gem stack which I’ll talk about in a bit more, but it’s totally fine for a static version of your WordPress site very fast if we’re a global CDN. So you put your aesthetic side on net left eye and your users in Australia. Your users in America will get the best response time available to them. Github github, been in the news last week for a big outage affected the whole world it felt like, but there’s still a good option for hosting your static site, gitlab the more open source for them and bitbucket from the Australian company Atlassian pretty much all the cloud Providers out there, so Google App Engine Azur all support static site hosting within their free tiers.

In some form, I’ve also got cool things like firebase and for anyone that remembers Geo cities back in the day, the new, the new new form of that neo cities. You can host a static site for free on on them too, and, with almost all of these options, you’re not limited to using their. You know their internal domain names. So if you’ve already got your site on, you know W W dot. You know my shopping site.

Calm, that’s fine! You can point your domain at these free free hosts and your users won’t know the difference, except they might be getting the page faster. Some other options that are usually paid tiers are content, delivery networks, so bunny CDN key CDN. Anything like that. All that was quite well to static site, hosting one more I’ll throw in there, which is, if you’re wanting to be a bit geekier and and support.

A cool organization is OpenBSD amsterdam. That will give you a server for $ 60 a year, ten dollars of which they donate to the open source and super secure. Super minimal, out-of-the-box kind of a nice way to host your aesthetic side and again you’re a bit. If you want to be in control all these other options, the free options there at the top they’re posted platforms, and so you can host your site for free there.

But your you can’t! You can’t have access to your own log files. You can’t really get in there if you’re, you know one. I want to get geeky with it, then a cheap server, a cheap but solid server like the OpenBSD. Amsterdam is a good option. You can install whatever you want on there host a static site, but still have full control over the server and one last point which is kind of close to my heart.

So last year I was doing a charity in the Philippines with my partner, and it was all around as older in plastics cleanup and that sort of thing which, if you’ve been to Southeast Asia, is a big problem. And it makes me think more about everything that we spend money on and hosting is just another one of those so $ 40 a month for hosting it’s it’s, it’s not bad for anyone, that’s working in Australia! You can afford that, but in order to pay that it might be an hour, it might be two hours if you’re zero wage, that’s two hours of time per month, that you might be dedicating just to pay for your hosting, and you don’t need to so that Money can go somewhere better or take two two hours off work each week.

Alright, this one’s going to be more, it’s just a concept to throw out there. It’s a quite a geeky sort of thing. So ipfs is something called the interplanetary file system. It’s really cool and it’s you think of it kind of like you know, Bitcoin blockchain stuff, like that, where you can it’s a distributed decentralized network and you can also get a static site and put it on here, and this is not something that most of us Are going to be looking at doing it’s not going to be a business case for us, but it’s cool to think about in terms of you know, when you’re in a country we’ve seen the YouTube outage last week was Pakistan trying to block sites for their users? You know, hopefully so far, we’re not getting many sites blocked in Australia that we want to visit.

But if that case ever happens and you can put a static site on something like ipfs and you’re kind of resilient to those kind of governmental controls. So when you’ve got your your WordPress site and you are publishing it out as a static site now, I would just say here that when you’re, when you’re going static site option with your WordPress site, you’re not giving up on WordPress, you keep using WordPress for what It’s great for which is the content management, the plugins themes, the community, but your your code goes out and it’s all static, HTML files, just files, just files in a folder.

You know if your HTML files, your CSS, your images, your JavaScript and you can use a version control software, something like git and you can. You can have a nice history of each each time you publish your site out, you can put a name against it. You could be, you know, this is the time we added the you know the new widgets section and then you’ve made three more publishes since that day, and then you realize oh crap, we we made a massive mistake and we lost, like you know all these images On our site, you can just quickly roll back to those versions prior because you go to exact snapshot of what your site was like at that point in time.

So that’s another benefit, yeah the use case I see sometimes from digital agencies again with hundreds. Maybe thousands of client sites going back ten years, WordPress presents a challenge in that you’ve got a you could, aside from a client who is a great client, you love them and you built their website, but they don’t need any more work on it. You know there might be a small business and their site service and fine or they’re.

You know they’re, just not. They don’t have the money to invest in it anymore. Now, when you’re, when you’ve got they WordPress site, usually you’re charging a monthly fee for maintenance and security a lot of the times, but if they don’t wan na pay that you don’t to take their site down. So what you can take a take, a sort of snapshot of it turn into a static HTML site. Keep that up there. Don’t worry about security, don’t worry about even hosting costs for them and they get to keep their site.

Ok! So there’s a lot of probably new words on this screen, and this is just the the many many ways that you can take any way any website, whether it’s a wordpress site or another one and and convert it into a static site. So the first two W get an HDD track. Hd are kind of built in either built in or easily installable tools for a lot of operating systems, and these are kind of command line. Morgie clear tools: HT track has has a user interface a lot of the time, and it’s it’s really really full features and comprehensive in terms of making an archive of a website.

Site soccer is a tool for Mac OS that he just used many years ago, and that’s you just put in the address of your site, click a button and it’ll pull it all down and create a static copy of that. It won’t do. As far as I know, I haven’t checked recent versions. It won’t do rewriting of your of your URLs or your links in your site, and so it’s good for taking offline copy of your site and giving it that one, but not so good.

For you know having a WordPress development server, taking a static copy of that and then publishing it somewhere else. That’s where WordPress plugins and that’s where one of one of those is a plugin that I create and there’s at least one more up-to-date plug-in specifically for WordPress. That you install put a couple of settings in press a button. It’ll it’ll crawl through your site extract each page, rewrite the links that you want for your new site and give you that static copy and there’s also at least three companies that are quite new and quite interesting out there at the moment, so shifter static and Hardy Press and they’re kind of like a hybrid approach, they’re a press, specific hosting company, but they serve the content statically.

So you log in and you you manage your site through them, like you would any WordPress site, but behind the scenes there they’re making a static copy of it to serve, and they address some of the issues automatically that you would otherwise have to manually work around. Taking a wordpress site to a static site, yeah really quite interesting, so a bit more secure in that sense. Last month, at least there is the gem stack and WordPress, and I mentioned before Jam stack is, is something that NIT liffe eyes.

Big user bases is about, and the Jam stack here we go. Gem site stands for a JavaScript API zone, markup so kind of. Like the you know, the trend of your way to build a website. You know these days is to have a totally you sort of offline site, so it’s it’s a static site in nature, but for things like getting the content for having user user comments for having ecommerce or anything anything, that’s kind of a bit dynamic in the side.

You’ll hit an API from various services and use those on your static side and in the case of WordPress, it plugs in to a lot of these Jam stack setups. So you know like a modern front-end framework or static site generator like Gatsby j/s is a common one. You can use your WordPress site as a data source, so WordPress exposes an API since I don’t know how many versions ago, which makes it really easy for you to take your content from WordPress and use on another site.

In that case, you’re not going to be getting the the theme. So it’s not going to necessarily look the same as what your WordPress looks like you’d, just be purely using it for adding and managing your content, which is again what WordPress is really good at. So, to go static from WordPress for for the majority of WordPress sites that are out there, I would say that there fairly easy to do with the only consideration needing is to deal with your contact form.

Most websites will have at least one really dynamic aspect, which is your contact form and when you’ve no longer got a server-side language on your server. You don’t have PHP on there anymore. Once you go static, so there’s nothing to sort of handle the submission of your contact form and there’s a few good solutions out there. If you’re hosting with net LeFay, all you need to do is add an extra attribute.

I think it is tier two, your form, so, if you’re comfortable to go into the source code, you can add a little attribute to your to your form and they’ll automatically intercept anytime, a user submits your form and they’ll email it off to your email. Address of choice: it’s really really nice. In other cases, there are some plugins you can get for WordPress. That will automatically convert your contact form 7, which is a plugin that almost all WordPress users are using for their contact form and it will convert that to submit to a service like form spree, which is again a remote sort of form, processing, other sort of dynamic Things you might have on your site comment, so comments more for a blog business sites, maybe not so much, but even when you’re using WordPress in its default state.

A lot of people have been using third-party comments. Systems like discuss for some years and that works just the same way on a static site, because it’s not running on your server it’s running somewhere else. It’s it’s very seamless now search is a is a bit of a trickier one. So usually your your WordPress site, you’ve got built-in search and your theme and hits your database and it’s you know it’s got a powerful text search so to get that same functionality with a static site.

It needs to know the content of your site first, and it needs to sort of index that for easier searching and that’s where a company at the moment, algo, Lea, is doing a really good, really good job in a really popular and quite easy to create options. Are something like Google custom search? I think it’s called where you basically have a mini mini version of google running in your site. Murse you’re, not limited.

When you go static with your WordPress site, you can use something called snoop cart, which is a really nice JavaScript. Based shopping, cart, that’s it works for their hosted platform, does all the payments and everything and last one their user accounts. So if you’re running a membership site that might be more of an issue, there are solutions out there again popularized with the jam stack. So, thanks to the jam stack we’re getting a lot of solutions to the typical static site as well, alright, so static site generators.

I will skip just give me a bit my my product, I’m going to talk about. In a moment. It’s called WordPress static generator. We know that this from the talks topic and there’s a lot of static site generators out there, that you, don’t you don’t use WordPress at all. You just start out of the bat with one of these tools and usually the way they work is you’ll. Manage your content just as a as a bunch of files, and these might be markdown files, just text files – you can just open them up in TextEdit, make some changes usually run a command on the command line and it’ll it’ll produce your own they’re generally really fast And they’re generally something you’ve got to run from the command line, which can be a bit.

It can be intimidating if you used to WordPress so they’re. I guess they’re more popular with with those that really want to pursue a you know: development path, if you wan na see, there’s there’s static, site generators and pretty much any language out there. So if you like PHP, if you like Ruby, if you like Python, there’s one out there, that’ll do the job and they’re getting better and better and you can go to static, Jen, calm there and see, which ones are the most popular.

Why we don’t use them again? It might be that that that that wears, fear or just you just don’t want to have to deal with the command line, which is understandable, and that can be a turn off we’re using a static generator. WordPress is still brilliant at what it does it’s. What is it 30 something percent of the web powered by WordPress? It’s not you know it’s not just some random chance that people installed it.

It works. It works it’s great for content and the plug-in ecosystem. This community really good ease of collaboration, meaning if you’re a distributed team or you’re outsourcing some work. You got content writers all over the globe. It’s very easy to just give them a invite to your WordPress site. They can come in that can have their different user levels. You can have editors, publishers and such and, when you’ve got a static site, generator you’re dealing with those.

You know those files on after which, if you want to start sharing those around then you’re. Looking at putting those under version control, sending like a link to github to your designer to update some text and it’s not as easy the static site generator is out of the box. They’re they’re, quite good they’ve got their their ways. You know you put your content in this folder, your text files. You put your theme over here: Veronica Mac generates it and they’re all designed to do that really well out of the box, but it gets tricky once you want to start doing customizations the kind of things in your WordPress.

You might just install a plug-in. You want to show a list of the, I don’t know the top the top ten posts, but you want to filter out a certain category, that’s fairly easy to do now in WordPress, but with a static site generator that could be fairly easy. It could be, like you know, a lot of customization to get it working and again back on the command line these days, if you’re doing WordPress and I meet a lot of people that are able to really good sites without ever leaving the browser, you know, they’re, Not having to edit any any code with an editor they’re using something like vivió alum and it works fine all right.

So this is art work done by done by developer here. So it’s a bit rain buoy. So I created this product about seven years ago. It just it solved a problem for me. I was doing a lot of WordPress sites for clients and performance and security were an issue as always, it must be an easy way. So I created this and it got some users it’s on the WordPress repository and then I kind of you know got out of WordPress man.

I’d you know, did other things for many years and then uh. I noticed it still had all these users and I wanted to do something with open source still as looking for a project to contribute to and realized. Oh okay apps to plan, and it’s got all these users, but it’s in serious need of a refresh. So this is my full-time thing now I develop this and try and make it as useful to the users as possible and it takes the the the best of both worlds.

So you’ve got your your WordPress tool for your content, your collaboration. Are you getting rid of the security and the performance issues by publishing out twist excited and those icons you see there on the the brightly colored area are some of the deployment targets that you can use. So you install this plug-in choose where you want to host your your new static site, and this can be your own server via FTP bitbucket, lab bunny, see bunny CDN, all these ones there.

It can be anywhere that you can put a static site and in general anywhere that you can put a dynamic site, you can put a static site. So if you’re comfortable with your digitalocean setup – or you know, whichever come whichever hosting it – is that you like you, can just put your files in there and it’ll work I’ll. Just give you a quick, quick preview. What the what the interface looks like! Oh, it’s full on there lots of fields and things, but that’s that’s one of the benefits of it.

You get a lot of control over not just taking your current site and putting it out as a static site, but you can modify a few things in between there. For example, if you’ve ever looked in the the source code of your WordPress page, you might find a lot of stuff that you wouldn’t put in there. If you were making your site by hand, if you’re hand coding your your site, you wouldn’t end up with all these.

Maybe canonical links have a purpose, but you’ve got a lot of other things. If you’re, not using the WordPress API, you don’t need links to the API in there. You may not saying feeds so there’s certain plugins that may get rid of you know what I dare to call bit of cruft in your in your WordPress generated code, but this plug-in also allows you to strip out things you’re at things. You don’t need and that’s an optional step.

You can also rewrite your path, so one of the things that I really was interested in doing was generating using WordPress to generate websites but kind of not telling the world that’s what I’m using and for various reasons. One is if your, if your site’s easily identifiable as a wordpress site, it’s very easy for bots to scour the net and say: ok, this is a wordpress site. So I’m going to start attacking the usual points that I think with with the plugin I wrote.

I allowed to rewrite all those paths so you’re stripping out the usual WordPress identifiers, but you’re also doing things like changing all of your all of your links. That say you know: WP content, / themes, / DV, /, whatever and totally making those whatever you want. Also, with changing your URL structure, so you can completely rewrite the URL and have you know relative links or absolute links, which generally you can easily do with WordPress, and on that one one more example.

There is for that, squeezing that extra, a performance out when you’ve got those really long through your sight, they they start to add up. It’s not a big amount of space, but you know these days. You really want your site to be as fast as possible and if you want to go crazy and get your source code as small as possible, then this can be an option where you can. You know remove half of that already, so I think we’re going to start doing some questions and answers here if anyone’s got anything



How to Remove Malware & Clean a Hacked WordPress Site

Thank you very much for attending our webinar on how to fix your hacked WordPress websites. So I work at Sakura. I’ve worked security for three years and I work on the remediation team, and so I’m part of the team that goes in and identifies where the malware is removes the infection and tries to identify new kinds of malware new kinds of hacks that are that are going On and occurring so just a little bit about me before we begin I’m from beautiful Victoria BC, Canada there’s a couple of others to curry employees that live and work here as well.

So if you’re ever in the area come say, hi and I’ve worked in software and security for a total of six years and I’ve cleaned a lot of WordPress websites, um we’re not limited just to WordPress. You know we do a lot of clean a lot of Magento ecommerce websites, Joomla Drupal mod X, whatever you know we’ll clean whatever you can throw at us, but for the purposes of this webinar we’re just going to be focusing on WordPress WordPress, of course, is the Most common CMS – and it’s very frequently you know, there’s uh it’s it’s the platform that we deal the most often with and so part of my job is to identify new strings of malware, sending samples to our research team, identifying trends and, what’s going on in the Website security, world – and I also last year, spoke at WordCamp in Vancouver and Toronto and Portland.

So I’ve broken down this presentation into three different sections, so the first one is going to be just signs that your website was compromised. You know I’ve actually worked with clients that their website was hacked a years ago and they had no idea without proper monitoring in place and and logging things modifications to files, you can your site can be hacked and you would have no idea. So it’s really important to take that into account.

Also, the next section is how to actually find the malware and remove it how to identify where it’s coming from what the culprits are, and the third section is what to do after a hack – and this is arguably the most important part that a lot of people Forget so you need to take some proactive measures to make sure that the bad guys aren’t going to come back. You know the next day because you don’t want to be back at square one right so without further ado how to tell if your website was compromised.

There’s a number of different symptoms that you want to look out for, and I’ll just briefly go over each one of those here. So, of course, the most obvious one is that your website has been blacklisted. Google, of course, is the most common one, but other search engines like Bing and Yandex and whatnot also maintain their own blacklists. Antivirus vendors such as norton mcafee malwarebytes, have maintained their own blacklist as well, and we maintain a blacklist also.

So if you want to check to see if your website is blacklisted mosey on down to virustotal, calm type in your website domain name, and it will check your website against a whole bunch of different blacklist to see if it’s getting flagged anywhere. There’s an example image on the right of a website: that’s getting flagged by five different vendors. Now I in this presentation I’ve included as many practical examples as I can, because it’s one thing to talk about website security, but it’s another thing to actually understand what you’re.

Looking at and be able to understand what you’re seeing right, so I’ve included as many practical screenshots and examples as I can, and also one thing. That’s really important is to listen to your website visitors and what they’re reporting on your site. You might not be getting any warnings on your end, but they may be using a different antivirus program, for example, so they might be getting warnings and you’re.

Not so you know pay careful attention to what your website visitors are saying. If you try to access a website that is blacklisted by Google you’re going to see something like this pretty strong indicator, that something’s gone wrong right, and this is the most common way that people realize that their website has been compromised. The second thing that you want to look out for is, if you see any spam in Google search results.

Spam infections are actually really really common over websites, and so, if you notice some sort of weird contents showing up in Google related to your website, for example, pharmaceuticals, adult content or I’ve even seen a cat food spam, there’s all sorts of strange stuff. And so what you can do is go to google and type in site colon and then your domain name and Google will give you a result of all the links that have been crawled there.

And if you see stuff like in the example screenshot there, then there’s a strong likelihood that your your website has been hacked, especially if it’s a website that doesn’t sell pharmaceuticals right. So if Google does suspect that there is spam on your website, they’re going to label it with this site might be hacked right. So it’s important to recognize the different warnings that Google will show if your website is throwing malware or redirecting visitors to no exploit kit landing pages they’re going to issue a different warning that says this site might harm your computer right.

If you find that your website traffic is getting redirected elsewhere, so, for instance, if you try to access your website and all of a sudden you land up at adult dating web sites, then that could be attackers that are redirecting your traffic to a location of their Choice sometimes it’s just sort of innocuous spam, but other times it can be something way more serious, phishing pages or ransomware exploit kits that kind of stuff.

The image on the right is a hacked htaccess file, which I’m going to go into a little bit more detail. Later but suffice it to say any visitor to your site that matches one of the listed user agents. It’s going to get redirected to the the Russian bogus domain at the bottom, so again make sure that your you listen to what your visitors are reporting. It was a really common infection that we saw last year, where only traffic from mobile devices was getting redirected to like adult dating websites, so sometimes it can only affect certain user agents, certain computers and other ones the website functions.

Normally, if you notice any weird pop-ups new tabs opening up pop-ups pop-unders, this is a strong sign that there’s been some malicious or spammy modifications made to your website. So if you’ve noticed that every time you go to your site, all of a sudden, you get some weird pages, like the one displayed here, that that’s a big red red flag for sure. You can also use, are very handy site check tool which is free.

You can go to WWE camera net and scan your websites for malware and spam. It will also check your website against a number of different black lists, so it is a very useful tool to see if there’s any malicious stuff loading we update site check very frequently malware is changing all the time right. There’s always new variants of code new infections going around, and so we update site check frequently to make sure that it’s catching the most.

You know, especially the most common malware that we see and, of course, if you go to your website – and it looks something like this – that’s a pretty strong indicator – that’s you’ve been hacked. Defacement attacks like this are very unsophisticated, very basic, but they do happen and it’s kind of scary, to go to your sites and see something like this right, so are cool. We’ve decided we’ve determined that your website’s is compromised.

What do we do now? Well, WordPress is a really powerful platform, particularly because it’s so straightforward and so easy to use. But for that same reason, it’s actually fairly easy to determine the source of hacked WordPress website, because the platform is so straightforward and you can actually, even if you’re not super sophisticated with you know the backend of websites or malware or whatever you know you can go Through the process of elimination, using some tools to basically find the source of the problem that way, um and well, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go through this whole list here, help core files, plugins, etc and elaborate a little bit on each section And we can just go through them one by one by one and eventually we’ll find the source of the hack right and, if you’re wondering what uh this weird thing on the right is: that’s a nice juicy piece of malware heavily obfuscated code.

So I want to go through a couple of tools that you’re going to want to be familiar with before we begin. All these tools are free, I’m not going to cost you any money and unfortunately I can’t go into like super huge detail about all of them, because I could do a whole webinar just on this slide, but I do want to mention them before we get started. So um the security scanner, WordPress plugin, is a really good tool to have.

You can download it for free from wordpress.Org, and it’s a really good diagnostic sort of monitoring tool will it’ll check your core files, the core integrity of your files, it’ll log who’s logging into your WP admin page and from which IP and when it’s a very useful Thing to have you’re also going to want to have an FTP client like FileZilla, so you can actually check the the files on your on your server also, please be sure to install a script blocker such as no scripts for Firefox, which is a browser add-on.

Google Chrome has a very similar one several to choose from, but basically the the script Locker is the most important tool that someone can have in their arsenal when they’re working with a hacked WordPress websites, because you know you don’t want your computer to get infected when You’re trying to fix the Hat right so make sure you’re not allowing scripts to to execute and, and that way you can protect your browser from getting infected too right, um, VirtualBox or VMware.

Some sort of virtualization tool is a very useful thing to have um. That way, you can work in a sort of sandbox environment where you don’t have to put your main computer at risk. An ad blocker is also very useful. There’s been quite an increase in in malvert izing, lately, rogue ad networks, bogus ad networks spreading trojans and bad stuff and actually uh. You block origins my favorites and it’s actually quite a good diagnostic tool and it can help check all the all sorts of different third-party content.

That’s loading on your on your website. If you need to check your database, you can use PHP my admin or admin er. A PHP myadmin is available from your cPanel. If you don’t have cPanel you can head on down to admin org and that that will allow you to connect to your database and check for spam and iframes and that kind of stuff. Anything weird, that’s loading. Honorable mention goes to a user agents.

Witcher some malware or spam will only a deploy if it’s a certain user agent is triggered. It’s really Commons, for example, for spam only to show the search engines but won’t show to regular website visitors right and, of course, the support forms at wordpress.Org are a really important thing to to use. There’s a really great community in place that can can help you troubleshoot help guide you in the right direction, if you’re kind of lost and not really sure what to do or where to look.

So I do want to say that really important to back up your website. First, before you make any changes here, because removing malware can be tricky and if you especially do not entirely sure what you’re doing you could damage your websites and leave yourself with a blank white screen of a website. And, of course, a blank white screen is the cleanest website you can possibly have, but it’s not particularly useful right so make sure you or your hosting provider, has a full backup of your files, backup of your database, because you don’t want to lose all your hard Work right we have to if anything goes wrong, you want to be able to reset and go back to square one and try again right right.

So that’s particularly true if you’ve made any modifications to your theme, files and customizations to the code that you’re using you want to make sure that you back up everything before we begin. Okay, so uh. The first thing that we can we can go through here are the core files for those of you who don’t know the core files are. The WP includes WP admin and files in the root of your your website and there’s some files that tend to get infected more more frequently than than other ones.

So, for example, the index.Php file is very common. We can see in the screenshot here from our secure scanner plugin, that this person’s index dot PHP file, has been modified and has had a whole bunch of code added to it. I know from working with WordPress sites quite a bit that that’s a really big index dot PHP file. There’s you know, it’s been modified, there’s been some code added to it, that’s a very big red flag and in all likelihood that’s that file has had malware added to it same with the WP prong right.

So you want to make sure that you have some sort of monitoring in place to check to see when your core files were modified if they were modified. Because if something bad happens, you need to know about it right and if you’re really not sure you can just download a fresh copy of WordPress from wordpress.Org and just replace all your core files and and just overwrite it with no good comms right. So this is an example of an infected WP load.

Php core file we can see all the code at the bottom is is legitimate, but there’s two big ugly strings of an encrypted code at the top right labeled with do not delete. Of course, it’s really common for malware to be encrypted like this and and WordPress does not allow encryption to be used in in any files that are part of the software part of the repository. So if you see something like this, you know it’s a pretty pretty big red flag right.

The next thing you want to check are your theme files. This is a really common place to hide malware and the reason being is because you know no matter what page or posts your visitors are on. These theme files are going to be in use, I’m going to be loading, so it’s a very effective way of deploying malware and making sure, because the attackers want to infect as many visitors as they can for the most part right.

So in this example image we can see that the header dot PHP file was modified recently at a totally different date than all of the rest of the files that they were within. The theme right – and this is a really common thing – that I do if so, for example, if a client comes to us with an infected websites and we scan it didn’t know, everything kind of seems clean. I always check the team files first right, um because uh you know it’s it’s just it’s one of the most common places to check common files.

Index header footer functions, 404 dot PHP. These are all files that you’re going to want to check and again much like the core files, if you’re just not sure what you’re looking at and you kind of aren’t comfortable with this download a fresh copy of your theme, and you know upload it and reinstall. It and that will fix any modifications that have been made again. I want to remind you, if you’ve made any modifications to your theme files, any customizations, anything like that make sure you have a backup.

Another technique that we use is, if we suspect, perhaps it’s the theme, but we’re not sure what you can do is download a copy of one of the default WordPress themes from WordPress or something like 2016 2015 whatever and switch your active theme to that, and if The problem still remains or if the problem is fixed, then you know it’s your theme right. So, for instance, if site check was flagging, some spam or flagging some malware on your website and you switch to new theme and you rescan and it’s clean.

You know this is the theme right. Here’s an example of an infected header.Php file. We see all the code here is legitimate, except when we get to the bottom. We see this weird ugly, purple string of numbers when decoded all this script does is just redirect. Someone to a bogus pharmacy website, but the reason it’s encoded like that is because, if you notice that your website traffic was redirecting to you, know bogus pharmacy com, you could just search your website files for pharmacy and you would find your culprit like right away.

So this is the motivation behind a lot of the encryption obfuscation in use that we see right. Plugins are the next thing that you’re going to want to check. Um plugins are very problematic, particularly old, out-of-date plugins. They pose a whole big set of problems. I would date: plugins are one of the most common reasons why websites get attacked due to vulnerable code in them. So you want to make sure your plugins are up-to-date all the time.

Plugins files are also a pretty common place for attackers to place backdoors, and you know also malware can can be hiding in plugins. Bad guys can add malicious code to plugins, and if the plug-in is active, then the code will be present on your site right, avoid. With both themes and plugins, please avoid using pirated software. It’s almost always infected, so you want to make sure you’re using legitimates.

You know the sources for the software that you’re using and much like things. You know if you are not sure what to do just remove any plugins you’re, not using download fresh copies of the ones that you are replace the files with fresh copies and away you go here is a an example page that world very familiar with WP admin. Page full of a whole slew of out-of-date plugins, so this is something we want to avoid.

Make sure you update, update, update security, guys can’t stop saying that enough. This is an interesting example. This is a bogus plugin entirely bogus, but unlike a lot of the malware that we see it’s not encrypted, it’s not obfuscated it’s properly, formatted indented. It looks normal at first glance, but what this plug-in code actually does is generate a whole. Thousands of focused torrent, download links through your your website, so it doesn’t have to be encrypted to be bad um.

The database is the next thing you want to check. This is a really common place for spam to hide um. So if you see spam being flagged by site check – or you see spam and Google search results, it’s there’s a very good chance that it’s been lodged in your database somewhere, but also like the example in the image here shows it’s uh. It is also somewhere where they can inject malicious code also, so you want to just just for those of you that don’t know the databases where all that your sort of content is stored.

So if you make a blog post says hello world, the text hello world is launched is is loaded into the database. That’s also where your settings, Earth or theme settings user settings all that kind of stuff. So this is a for example. This is a really common kind of infection that we see here. This is, if you look at the top, it says: style.Display equals none. So the code is there, but it’s not displayed.

So you can look, you know just be browsing your website and normal everything seems fine, but when search engines browse the page, they see all these spam likes and that can really hurt your websites SEO actually and that can take a while to repair a repair that Htaccess, a very interesting file, htaccess file, sort of instructs. How certain links behavior on your website is handled on. The right is what the default wordpress htaccess file looks like certain plugins will make legitimate changes to HT access, so, for instance, caching, plugins or some security plugins will modify it, but this is also pretty commonplace for attackers to insert bad code, especially as it applies to Redirects, so if some of your traffic is getting redirected to places, it shouldn’t make sure to check your HT Access file, that’s that’s where, if you wanted to redirect a user somewhere else, that’s usually where you do it, but it’s also where you can, for example, redirect Http traffic to HTTPS, you know, there’s legitimate uses for it, of course, but it’s a pretty common place for attackers to modify.

This is a really interesting example of a spammy htaccess file very interesting to look at, but actually what it does. Is you guessed it spam links in Google? This allows for all sorts of you knows spammy stuff, to generate there’s a lot of different variations of this kind of malware, and we can see from the top of the file there how it’s referencing index.Php. That’s because the index dot PHP file was modified.

Also, advertising networks can be problematic. A lot of website owners choose to employ the use of advertising that works on on their website. That’s fine, but they can post their own set of problems. They especially less reputable less well-known advertising networks can have problems of malvert izing rogue ads that deliver Trojans to do to visitors, and it can be quite difficult to to troubleshoot this, particularly if you’re using multiple advertising networks.

It can be hard to sort of track down which one it’s coming from. We see this problem a lot on a lot of article streaming, websites that employ you know three or four different ad networks. So I would recommend that everyone, if you, if you do choose to run ads on your site, use a well-known reputable network and none of the cheap ones. So this is an example of some bogus ad networks that were injected into a client’s database.

So there were, you know thousands of these links and what it did was anytime. Anybody clicked on one of the the links on the page. It would redirect them to spam sites right and sometimes it can actually be the server itself. This is not as common, but sometimes the server can itself be. Routed can be compromised, and so you notice this weird iframe, that’s generating on all your pages, but it’s also happening to like 150 other people they’re all on the same server right.

So these are really tricky to handle. It is possible to clean a rooted server, but really the what we would recommend doing. The sort of safest option is to migrate your site, your website to another server change, all of your passwords, and you know. Ideally, the server should be wiped and reformatted, because you know it’s hard to know. If it’s, you know fully fully fixed right and you want to make sure on this topic, you know, make sure your hosting provider is.

You know this is consider security to be a priority, because you know when, when, when things go wrong, your website gets compromised. You know your hosting provider, is, you know, you’re going to need to be in touch with them, and it’s good that they have good supports and take security seriously right um. The last thing I want to mention here is back doors back doors. Are there the trickiest part of all of this right attackers will sometimes inject you know, maybe one or two back doors onto the server, sometimes they’ll upload, hundreds of them, or sometimes in every single PHP file that they can find.

So you know, if you can, if you, for instance, website traffic is getting redirected elsewhere, you found the infected file in the header of your theme. You remove the malware and the redirects gone awesome great uh, the job’s done, but you’ll have exactly the same problem tomorrow, because the taggers always make sure that they can maintain access right and actually pretty common thing for them to do is to place a backdoor on The server and then wait for weeks or longer and the reason and then they’ll, deliver the payload, and the reason for that is because a very common thing for people to do when they realize they’re they’ve been hacked, is to restore backup from you know a week Or two ago, all the backdoor still there so they’ll still have access.

We find new kinds of actors, all the time, there’s new ones being written constantly, and it can be really tricky to track them all down. So this is why it’s important to make sure that you have some sort of logging of what files have been modified on your server and also a useful trick, if you’re not sure what you’re looking for or where you can check your server logs to see. If there are any files that are being directly accessed from you know, strange IP addresses or whatever we’ve written a little bit about finding and we’re moving back doors on blog dot, secure on net and I’d suggest, giving that a look and checking that out.

So, just so, you know how to recognize a backdoor when you see one there’s one injected at the very top of this file. Now this was a client’s, footer, dot, PHP file from their theme and at the top you can see the part. The first opening and closing PHP tag where it says: basics, t4d, code, post, ZZ Val. Basically, if that code exists or is present in one of your files, attackers can send a request to it and the backdoor will do do the attackers bidding essentially, so you don’t want to find yourself just back at square one after you worked so hard to get Your get the infection removed right.

I wanted to mention just a couple other helpful resources that that are useful when, when dealing with hacked sites, of course, site check, dots and career net is, as I already mentioned, is very useful. Um Redlegs File Viewer at Austin, app dot info is also super helpful for finding spam malvert izing redirects. That kind of stuff webpagetest.Org is also quite helpful. What it will do is it’ll load your website and just log every single thing: that’s loading every all.

The third-party content, all piles and just gives you a nice long list that you can you can investigate. Burp suite is a very, very useful application. Web application testing tool very useful for determining malvert izing. If any third-party content on your site is causing issues, it’s a little bit more advanced. So if you’re, not super tech savvy, you might want to hold off on that one, but a very, very fun to mess around with.

And if you find a nice big encrypted chunk of PHP code – and you want to see what’s inside, you can mosey on down to DD code column or unpinch P net, and it will attempt to decrypt it and do obfuscate it to let you know. What’s hiding inside so all right, we’ve we’ve found the infection we’ve removed the malware. What do we do now – and this is the part that people very frequently overlooked, and we have to remember that the attackers are going to be back alright once they determine that? This is a vulnerable website.

We can exploit that they’ll just do it again and again and again and again, because they know that the root causes are rarely addressed. It’s you know, people a lot of site owners, don’t update their plugins, don’t change their passwords. They don’t update WordPress, so we need to just you know: leave no stone unturned. Make sure you update all your stuff here and just acknowledge that the attackers are.

They will be back in as much as working with a hacked website and can be stressful. Nobody really wants to do it, no one wants to get hacked, but this is just the reality right. So the most important thing is update, update, update update. I can’t stop saying this enough. Out-Of-Date software is by far the leading cause of infection, and you want to make sure that your website is properly maintained, properly updated all the time.

This is a constant process. This is not something that you can just do once and then forget about it. You know there’s new updates constantly right, so please make sure that you’re taking proactive steps to maintain your website properly, and this is really the best thing that you can do to prevent attacks change all your passwords after a compromised and just assume that all of your Passwords were were leaks, right, FTP, cPanel, WP admin, everything just change them all.

You can’t can’t be too careful right and I would I would recommend that you use a password manager like LastPass and in my line of work I have seen some atrociously bad passwords. So please make sure that uh that your passwords are complex, that they’re, you know difficult to brute-force. You know can’t be too careful right review. Who has access to your website? Also um. You know I’ve seen cases where I’ve seen WordPress sites with 15 or 20 different admin users.

You only give administrative access to who absolutely needs it and for the amount of time they need it for at which point revoke their their access. You know I’ve seen cases where a client will have hired a developer to work on their site like a year ago, and they just left the admin account there and the password was weak and it was brute forced and their their website was compromised because of it.

Um, so you know I have as few admin users as possible. It’s also not a bad idea to have like a set. It’s account that you use for just basic stuff, like updating blog posts and uploading media files, that sort of thing and a separate admin account for doing admin stuff that you, you know, keep under lock and key, and a nice term that we like to use in The security world is decreasing the attack surface, and what that means, and in simple terms, is just decrease the amount of things that could possibly go wrong.

So what that means is getting rid of plugins that you’re not using getting rid of old themes that you’re not using anymore, if you have any old versions of your website and backups or whatever, laying on your server migrate them off just have as few stuff on Your server as necessary, and that will really go a long way in preventing problems in the future you’ll also want to make sure you scan your workstation.

This is really important because, if your workstation, your laptop whatever website or whatever computer you’ve, used to work on your websites, if it’s infected, that can cause your website to get infected too. I remember a client I worked with once he. He followed our post infection steps to a tee. He changed all his passwords, he updated all his stuff and he was hacked again two days later because his computer was infected and it had a Trojan key logger on it and when he updated the password to the new one they just stole it again.

So you want to make sure you’re, you know scanning your your your workstation effectively and frequently, because that that’s that’s another piece of a puzzle that we don’t want to forget right. Make sure you have a backup schedule make sure that you’re performing backups of your websites regularly and that’s uh. You know they’re that they’re not stored on your production server. We do have a backup service for five dollars per websites per month.

It’s very easy to use. There’s a ton of other backup services to some hosting providers perform backups for um, but this is something you want to. You want to make sure you have a spare tire as it were if something goes wrong. This is a screenshot from our backup service and very easy to use. Super nice, simple interface and it’ll. Just do backup of your site every day and you can download them. You know at your leisure whenever, whenever you need to a copy, you can also perform some hardening of your websites.

You can do this. This image right here on the right is an HT access file which we you can place in WP content, slash uploads or in image directories places where PHP just doesn’t need to execute from our our plugin. Can the WordPress security scanner plugin can help you with this? You can also add some additional security rules to your WP config file, such as disallowing file edits. So in that sense, even if your websites, you’re in your WP admin page, is compromised, the files can’t be actually modified, so some developers really like the file edit function.

It’s very convenient, but unfortunately, convenience and security don’t always get along super well and last but not least, use of a Web Application Firewall. We offer one called cloud proxy, which is part of our security services, and it will proactively defend your website against attacks. In fact, the the malicious requests won’t even touch your server at all, because we will filter it out on through our servers right.

So we’re constantly updating a cloud proxy to make sure that it’s catching the the newest attacks. Though then it was attempts at compromised. It can help prevent against brute-force attacks, and you know attempts to access your WP admin page. It can do a whole lot and it’s it’s really good. Just for you know peace of mind, knowing that you have some. You know layer of defense between you and your websites and the broader web right so yeah, that’s so that’s pretty much it.

I hope you all found that helpful and informative and yeah. If any of you guys have any questions, then yeah, I would love to answer them. Well, then, we’ve got a lot of questions we’re going to try to get through some of them. I think it went through all of them. We’d be here for another couple hours. So first one this participant wanted to ask: is there a way to figure out how the hacker got in so we can catch the vulnerability.

For example, they can clean up all the plugins, but if the vulnerability is within a plugin that they’re using they can always get back in even with a fresh copy. This is one of the most common questions. That’s that we get asked at security. People almost always want to know who hacked me: how did they hack me when did it happen on? These can be really difficult questions to answer, and sometimes it’s not even really worth answering you know because the hack is done.

It’s already happens, you know, but you I mean you can look at your server logs. If you can, if you have any plugins on your website, that’s have known vulnerabilities, then you know that that’s a pretty strong indicator, that’s probably what happened, but it can be really difficult to to determine the source. We, I think, it’s it’s better to focus on just defense-in-depth, just taking every possible defensive measure update all of your software just be really proactive about it, because it can take a really long time to you know, do forensics work and try to figure out how they Got in exactly you use server logs are probably your best friend when it comes to that, but you you have to be cautious because that’s a rabbit hole that you may or may not want to go down.

It goes pretty deep at some times right. You can spend a lot of time trying to figure out exactly how they got in and come up fruitless at the end of it. You know there are companies that do forensic services too, but there’s like pretty expensive work, but in my opinion, it’s probably better. Just to focus on the road ahead of you, rather than behind you and just to try to you, know, be proactive about it and just follow the the the regular like you know: updating maintenance, site maintenance having good passwords.

Just it’s. I think it’s better to focus your energies on on that to try to prevent problems going forward. Then then, you know kind of getting caught up in the minutiae of how they got in where they got in. Why did they hack me all that kind of stuff? Because they’re hard questions to answer, you know there’s no two ways, two ways about it. So yeah I mean it can be done, but it’s time-consuming and you know just make sure that you’re focusing more on like proactive measures to to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Um. If there’s, if you have a vulnerability in one of your plugins um, it depends on whether or not that vulnerability is known or not. It could be a brand new one that someone just found and there is no update for the the plug-in. So it can be kind of impossible to tell um, but yeah, just you know, maintenance, your site regularly. Just you know, defense-in-depth have backups and, and you know, focus on the on the road forward is, is, I think, in my opinion, a better use of of time? Okay, um one of our viewers was curious to know.

What’s your browser of choice Firefox, I am a huge huge, huge supporter of open source. Uh open source is best source. I encourage everyone to support open source software whenever they possibly can. I love Firefox because it’s so modular there’s so many different add-ons available tons of different security, plugins and add-ons and that stuff and it’s all all open source, all free, so yeah Mozilla is awesome.

Firefox for the win. Okay, um! This person had a question. If your database gets compromised, can they decode your passcode password? Can they one string if your database got compromised, can they decode your password? I well. The Cass words are usually hashed and insulted, so it can be. It can be done, yeah um. So if you do suspect that your database was ever compromised, it’s best to just assume that they were compromised, that all the passwords were were were hacked right.

It’s better to be paranoid. Uh it’d be apparent. Oh yeah is a really big asset when you’re working with security. So if there’s any modifications done to your database that you didn’t authorize any spam links whatever change your database, passwords change all of your WP admin administrator passwords. You know it’s better just to assume so the passwords can be compromised. Yes, it does take a little bit of coaxing and trickery and it can be done so just assume that they were hacked yes, okay, um next question: do hackers only have access to the things and plugins that are active, or can they access inactive things? Things and plugins as well.

That’s a really good question. I would I would err on the side of caution and just assume. Yes, I think it probably depends um. I think some plugins that are deactivated. The the the hacks might not work if they’re turned off, but you can’t be too careful. You know just assume that they can. If you don’t, you know if you have a deactivated plug-in on your website that you’re not using it shouldn’t be there anyway.

You know just remove it. Um remove any software you’re, not using um. It’s a you know. We have to assume the worst. So just you know, as I mentioned earlier, just be paranoid, nice and paranoid and remove any and everything that you’re not using like. If you have a plugin, that’s deactivated on your website, you’re, not using in any way right. So just err on the side of caution, and you can’t be too careful.

Okay, uh. This next question is: how would you best monitor a file system? That’s on a hosted site, uh! That’s a really good question. There’s a few different ways to do it. I mean, I think it probably depends on your hosting provider and the kinds of tools that they have at your disposal. If you, if you’re, not really sure I mean what you can do is if you have a backups of your site, for example, you can compare the two so in Linux, the command that you would use is is diff, and so you have a backup on your Site on the left and you’ve got a more recent copy of your site on the right and you diff compare them and it will spit out the differences.

So that way you can check to see if, like what files have been modified, what code has been changed? So this is another reason why it’s important to have backups running right. So I believe, if you have a virtual private server, you should also be able to employ some file integrity, monitoring but yeah. It does kind of depend on your hosting provider and what what they offer so. Okay and our last questions.

There were a couple of questions that came around the freemium no portion of your presentation. Can you elaborate on that just a little bit just a more clarification around that? Oh absolutely yeah um. When I say no, the freemium, I just mean pirated um, so you know there’s a you have on one hand the WordPress repository, so basically everything that you could download from wordpress.Org all the free open-source, plugins themes, etc.

And then you also have companies that sell premium themes. So you know nice fancy, themes and plugins that cost you know 21 40 $ 60 whatever, and I’m talking about the free versions of those paid plugins and themes um. So you know uh it’s if you find a theme, that’s normally $ 60 and you find a website where they’re giving it away for free. Your first thought is probably wild. That’s wonderful! I just saved myself 60 bucks, but there’s a reason why someone hacked that theme and put it up for download for free and 99 % of the time.

It’s not because the Robin Hood, it’s because they’ve added their own malicious code to it, and once you install that pirated software onto your website, then you know they its backdoor words or you know. You’ll, see spam on your site or whatever and also using pirated software. Is kind of a crappy thing to do to to developers that work very hard and – and you know do that for a living, so whatever web, whatever software you’re you’re using on your website, make sure you obtain it from legitimate source.

If it’s paid, you know, pay the pay, the developers and for their hard work and just don’t use any stolen software. Essentially, and that’s what I mean by you – know freemium kind of stuff all right. Thank You Ben well. That brings us to the close of our webinar. We want to thank everyone for their participation. I’r sorry that we weren’t able to get to all the questions that were asked. But if you do have a question that you’re still wanting an answer to you can use our Twitter hashtag, ask the query and we’ll try our best to answer.



¿WordPress multisite? No, gracias – WPMarbella 2015

He creado pues sí que lo podemos hacerlo y otro problema para mí. También era que con la instalación multisite utilizan todos, los dominios una única carpeta, o blog con lo cual, a la hora de sacar cualquier dominio de esa de esa red es prácticamente imposible yo creo que hay que es antigua se creó cuatro veces y pensárselo seriamente porque Es que es misión imposible entonces con esas dos premisas pues me inventé, este rollo yo en principio la primera versión que hice que es la que, está publicado en el blog la dice.

Con parallels con para les place la versión 10 44 en la que. Tengo actualmente que en el caso de dos caras lo explica que también lo tengo montado sobre esta cepa en un panel de control, ruso que bueno no tiene mucho arraigo todavía en los hosting pero la verdad que va bastante bien vale bueno aquí la verdad que un Par al s, es un poquito más complejo ya, veréis que en vistas ha sido realmente con dos clics en paralelo es un pelín más complejo porque tenemos que crear lo primero un plan de servicios los que habéis trabajado con comparables me imagino que más o menos sabéis De qué va el tema en principio hay que crear un plan de servicios donde se van a ir metiendo las suscripciones vale y lo tanto de las suscripciones vamos, a ir metiendo los los dominios esta parte la verdad que un poco tediosa es muy simple si seguir Luego las indicaciones de las capturas de pantalla veréis que es realmente simple pero que un poco tedioso hasta ahora sobre todo explicarlo después se crea un directorio único vale yo en este caso le puse wordpress pero le podéis poner el nombre que queráis ese directorio único es Donde vamos a crear dónde vamos, a instalarla la instalación, única de wordpress que va a ser compartida por todos los nombres de dominio y esa función la tiene el recuerdo, a partir la versión, 10 porque por ejemplo, conversiones, nueves, o anteriores.

No se podía siempre te obliga. A tener una, carpeta especifica para cada sitio web para, los 10; no te permite, poner una única, carpeta compartida, con distintos sitios web sí en principio si vamos podeis quitar lógicamente. Lo que no voy a usar esto esto esto, este sí y este también esos tres realmente. No hacen falta de ponerlos se pueden quitar sin problemas: si dice, poquito, no hay problema, lógicamente sí, o sí hay que dejar el falso sino que wordpress os, va a ir lento.

No lo que le sigue y soporte para php porque estás sin ti tan siquiera, para arrancar, no pero, vamos, básicamente, como, veis se mete un el nombre de dominio en este caso yo le metido alojamiento matriz que va a ser el padre digamos y se le mete En la ruta de wordpress que la que hemos creado anteriormente lo demás es una instalación estándar vale aquí os recuerdo del tema del falso con esta instalación sí que detecte un problema con con la subida de las imágenes aquí os pongo la línea que hay que hay Que meter para evitar ese problema y el archivo en el que hay que meterlo esto si no tenéis acceso a los votantes.

No lo tendrá que hacer el hosting porque si no imágenes que pesen más de 128 casi no la sube es uno de los problemas que me fui encontrando cuando fuimos haciendo hecho en este caso dentro alojamiento matriz puntocom voy, a meter un subdominio sea un subdominio un, Alias de dominio que va a ser alojamiento de alojamiento tres puntos los seos os van a decir cada uno. Lo que lee parezca con el tema de los, alias de dominio hay quien piensa que es poco menos que una reencarnación de damián porque google parece ser que no los quiere pero muy lejos de la realidad de los, alias de dominio, no es ni, más ni menos Que una redirección de un dominio a otro lo que pasa que una redirección limpia no es como las típicas radiaciones 301 que hacemos para evitar.

El punto es que google no nos index, el punto de puntocom en mi caso por ejemplo, tengo cuatro en nombre de dominio y, no tengo absolutamente, ningún tipo de problema, con la indexación de google, no digo porque muchos se os son, muy contrarios al uso de los, Alias en esta instalación podemos tener tantos, alias como necesitamos en cada en cada nombre de dominio en este caso con un alojamiento de matriz puntocom podremos añadirle el punto de rege, el punto net o todos los que necesitemos sin ningún tipo de problema y después, podemos seguir Añadiéndole los nombres de dominio en este caso tenemos alojamientos matriz puntocom y alojamiento de matriz punto es con un usuario dentro de la misma carpeta wordpress, a los alojamientos del secundario puntocom punto ens alojamiento tercero puntocom punto de todos, estos está bien tirando de una, única, instalación De wordpress lógicamente así sólo no funciona hay que hacer un poquito de algunas modificaciones que le explicaré de la segunda, parte y la ventaja que también lo podemos utilizar con con subdominio pues para tirar de otras instalaciones compartidas pues como puede ser pee wee’s que si.

No. Lo conocéis os lo recomiendo pero para los que no queréis usar google analytics o de php miami le gusta tener su propio pie, derecho distinto de que te proporciona plesk con lo cual pues podemos crear una estructura todo. Lo compleja que necesitemos vale vamos a ver el segundo, caso como veis en paga les dejo un poquito tedioso porque toca muchas cosas ahora que vamos a ver todo. Lo contrario, lo simple que es es tan, simple como que solamente se crea una bueno.

No sé si conocéis el bcp vista cp es un un panel de control, es ruso es de código fuente abierto porque todavía, no está la versión definitiva mientras que la versión 1.0 digamos la que ya, tengo instalada, a las 09 098 se crea un sitio web el Dominio alojamiento matriz puntocom e igual que antes en este caso de momento solamente le metido este, alias porque siga, o podría una captura de pantalla ya, está pero, realmente está tan fácil, como, estás, aquí le das, al intro, alojamiento matriz punto es intro, www.

La, miente, matriz, punto, Intro alojamiento secundario punto, o sea que metemos ahí todas las redes que necesitemos que contarte nuestra instalación de wordpress es tan, simple como eso una vez que terminamos aquí lo vamos a ver se crearía este seguía con él con el único dominio aquí ya, le le estamos Metiendo una una serie de alias de dominio adicionales vale y podemos construir pues todo lo complejo que necesitemos este sería exactamente igual que el que hemos visto antes con parallels, pero como veis es muchísimo más, simple todo, esto van a tener nuestra instalación de wordpress alojamiento matri Puntocom punto es secundario puntocom punto está el cielo puntocom punto van a tener un pib week, estos van a tener un un php maya, ming y este va a tener un prestashop por ejemplo podría hacer.

Lo que queráis hasta aquí fácil bueno, paso 2 las bases de datos esto tampoco, tiene, mucha complicación, lo importante es lógicamente para cada, dominio vamos, a utilizar una única base de datos con lo cual se voy a tener alojamientos matriz punto con elementos del secundario y terciario Pues creo mis tres bases de datos cada una con su con su usuario con su contraseña el único problema que tiene el tema de mysql es que sí o sí bueno tampoco de sí, o sí podríamos hacer alguna modificación en código pero para que sea más simple.

Lo importante es que tengamos acceso a un usuario root; no un usuario un súper administrador que nos permita, abrir y trabajar, con cualquier base de datos sin que sea específicamente, suya simplemente tener, un nombre de usuario una contraseña de un perfil superior y podríamos utilizar toda la Base de datos que no que es el hosting nos lo dará por el motivo que sea bueno, no pasa nada porque en el código que os voy a pasar ahora para meter en el mp config no tendríamos más que crear un pequeño array.

Con el nombre de usuario, la contraseña, para cada, para cada base de datos, no esperamos es mucho más, simple tener, un súper usuario es lo que básicamente os pongo ahí en el paso 3 bueno pues vamos, a crear ya, wordpress simplemente la carpetita que hemos creado en Palabras que era la de la carpeta, wordpress vamos, a subir por ftp es la instalación, completa y en parral en vista la vamos, a subir en la carpeta que se llama el html public html, si mal no recuerdo entonces aquí ahora, para poder, tener una carpeta, un Load distinta para cada, sitio web yo; lo que hago dentro del vp content, elimina la carpeta out louds, porque ya; no la vamos, a usar y le creó una para cada sitio web vale, seguimos con el mismo ejemplo de alojamiento, primaria alojamiento, secundario, alojamiento, terciario, esto, elevado.

Al infinito yo tengo una instalación, con más de 40 y sin, problemas bueno esto, no lo vais, a ver, luego ya, acoge, dice el el archivo en el vp config hay que hacer una serie de modificaciones son muy muy simples no hay que saber que hay que Tener grandes conocimientos técnicos y nyse programador ni aquí lo que hacemos es primero leer en el dominio que está activo vale aquí metemos una raíz con los nombres de dominio que estamos usando es el secundario y el matriz vientos secundarios segundos dominio esto es porque en caso De que tengáis el alojamiento de matriz podido ser el punto, con puntales puntos ejes sin problemas pero imaginaros que tenéis como notas a mí por ejemplo en mi caso yo tengo al proyecto group y como es muy complicado, dar por teléfono cogió, un segundo, nombre de dominio Que es a pg como, a pg es muy genérico y lo tiene pillado al mundo; a pg mi hijas vale es súper fácil de dar por teléfono entonces yo tengo pequeña hija, puntocom, punto y al project, group.

Com puntos de bueno de esta forma pueden utilizar, los dos Algas o los dos dominios el principal y, los tres, alias a pesar de que tienen nombres distintos si fuera un punto com.Ar puntos rege punto net sin, problemas luego, tenemos, el alojamiento, secundario y el alojamiento, terciario son, la misma estructura que hemos creado, antes las bases de Datos pues lo mismo para el alojamiento, matriz utilizamos la base de datos matriz, para alojamientos, secundarios la base de datos secundarias, para alojamientos, terciarios base de datos terciarias seguiríamos metiendo en función de las necesidades y luego.

Lo que hacemos es que para cada nombre de dominio le vamos, a asignar la base de datos y la carpeta blows a wordpress tan, simple como, esto este es el que se va a encargar de que en función del dominio que esté abriendo. Se me va a devolver una base de datos y una carpeta de para que me suban, los archivos tan, simple como eso que realmente no hay mucho más, los prados como veis lógicamente la fácil, gestión tenemos, todo metido, en una en una única instalación actualizamos, un plugin Actualizamos un tema actualizamos el propio wordpress y lo tenemos actualizado, a todos todos los sitios web que están alojados hay una única una única actualización me lo, mete a toda la red fácil migración, a otra otra suscripción más que no sería decir mañana uno de los sitios Web que tenemos ahí alojado, se nos hace, muy grande coger, mucho tráfico, no nos coge, mucho, un consumo de recursos, pues es tan fácil, como coger su base de datos su carpeta out louds el listado de sus plugins me voy, a otra esquina, a alguna instalación ya.

Correr y funciona, a la primera, no tenemos que tocar nada solamente habrá que tocar si no queréis cambiar en la base de datos, la carpeta, o blogs que hemos creado en esta instalación pues simplemente cambiarle la la ruta de la ruta de ludlow, en este caso es Definirlo con el nombre que le hayamos metido a esa, a esa carpeta ahorra un espacio de discos, lógicamente no es lo mismo tener 35 wordpress que tener una sola el ahorro es considerable igual que los plugins.

No lo mismo tener misma plugin 35 veces que una vez de su mando y veréis el ahorro que se consigue aumento de la velocidad parece increíble pero funciona mucho más rápido consume mucha menos memoria y y los tiempos de respuesta de una instalación de estas características por La experiencia que tengo son bastante más más rápidas que en otros tipos de instalaciones en un lugar ps siempre hablamos en un gps un hosting compartido los temas y los plugins compartidos con lo que hemos dicho antes como tenemos todo en una lista de la carpeta plugins.

En la carpeta temas pues tenemos ahí todos desde los que hemos instalado y son utilizables por cualquiera de los wordpress ahí es donde viene ahora uno de los contras de hecho estoy trabajando para esas, dos carpetas, también independizar las para explicar, el por, qué y los contras Lógicamente por ahí ve la gestión del alojamiento, por, parte del cliente, final esto vamos, a no hay que ser muy inteligente para entenderlo lógicamente, si le damos permiso de administrador, a nuestros clientes lo más normal es que las pueden liar parda porque porque.

Si nos borran, un plugin desde su instalación, no lo están borrando, a toda la red con lo cual, a lo mejor hay tres clientes más que utilizan en el mismo plugin y la molida entonces yo. Lo que hago que creo un rol para mis usuarios de esta forma este tipo de instalaciones yo la uso, para clientes que es que realmente como en la inmensa mayoría de los clientes, no quieren saber absolutamente nada de lo que tienen dentro detrás de su página web.

No, no se olvidan no quieren medir y gestionar las ramas si fuera el caso que tengáis clientes que sí que lo necesitan se crea un rol le podéis armar pepito para lotes, al proyecto, como queráis, donde tienen, los mismos permisos que el administrador salvo 4 instalar, o Desinstalar plugins instalar, o desinstalar temas lo demás ponce lo que quieras vale bueno. Lo que quiero tampoco editar si podéis evitar lo que dice también más que nada para que no meta la pata está este punto del número dos es exclusivamente para el ples que lo.

He sufrido en mis carnes con lo cual es hacerle mucho caso. Porque nos va, a meter un problema grande y esto es que si en el ex no sé muy bien el por qué cuando quieres borrar uno de los sitios web que has creado que están dentro de la carpeta wordpress si lo borras te borra la carpeta wordpress Es divertidísimo tienes que llamar hosting de seguridad para evitarlo es muy fácil le cambian la carpeta te creas una temporal le pones que estar la temporada y ya te lo puedes cepillar sin problema como; no, lo hagáis os vais, a acordar de todos, los demonios de verdad.

Es un problema interesante las carpetas automáticas también es un problema exclusivo de parallels, cada vez que se crea un un sitio web nuevo para describir la maldita, costumbre de que añade pictures, librería iplex start que yo. No lo necesita, absolutamente, para nada, pero, por. Narices me. Lo mete todavía no da con la tecla, como ya, no uso, para les ya ni me preocupaba pero bueno que eso que sepáis que cada vez que me está hay un dominio nuevo automáticamente os va a aparecer es una cosa que a mí particularmente me molesta, bastante Pero bueno que no deja ser una pequeña estantería y realmente, con esto ya está todo entonces la única, la única historia que yo creo que tenéis que tener clara con este tipo de instalaciones como veis es realmente, simple de hacer, a mí me llevo dos meses de Prueba y error estrada con con las configuraciones correctas pero una vez que lo he conseguido como bien simple como.

Un lápiz tenéis que tener en cuenta las tres precauciones que os dicho si usáis pues el tema de las de las imágenes que cuando se suben imágenes archivos de más de 128. Casos va a dar problemas si. No metéis la línea que ya que os enseñé segundo. El tema de las carpetas de plugins y temas que al estar. Compartidas nos puede, provocar algún que otro quebradero de cabeza, estoy yo digo que estoy trabajando en la versión 2.

0 que quiero separar esas, carpetas porque quiero hacer algo más parecido, a lo que tiene wordpress multi side que tiene una carpeta que se llama m plugins que son Los bloques más utilizados donde estarían digamos, los los plugins de cabecera que siempre usamos en todas las instalaciones y luego quiero que tenga cada nombre de dominio tenga su propia carpeta plugins de forma que el cliente pues sí que pueda instalar y desinstalar con toda tranquilidad y Quiero hacer lo mismo con la carpeta de los temas que haya una carpeta de temas que sea pública compartida por todos pero que cuadra que cada uno tenga su propio tema en el momento que lo consiga dar por cerrado esta instalación y poco más espero que os Resulte interesante ya, os digo que este tipo de instalaciones, no está pensada para clientes, con muchas, necesidades esto es simplemente ahora por ejemplo voy, a montarla una con un socio de donde vamos, a meter un montón de blogs, personales que realmente ocupan cero coma y lo vamos Meter todo en una estructura como ésta porque, porque nos simplifica, el trabajo, hasta, la enésima, potencia, hay, otras, soluciones que podéis utilizar para el tema de las actualizaciones, como main wp alguna cosa de estas que yo la uso, para para: otras, historias, pero pienso que esto es Bastante más más, simple y más, cómodo preguntas tenemos una por, aquí preparada van a por ti y edad, muchas veces cuerpos normales corriente en la instalación, básica uno instala, un plugin y resulta que se están llevando el cese si él lleva script; no solamente donde, lo utiliza Sino, a todo un site mi pregunta es si aquí instalamos un plugin, o mi vecino, o alguien instala un plugin se, lo están llevando el resto de saiz también esos archivos css, o de maastricht, hay alguna forma de que de que.

No se instalen en otros lugares solamente en el bloque, a instalar vamos si tuviste algún un plugin y como bien dices te va a meter porciones de códigos. Siempre te va a meter en tu tema. No luego mete en los demás temas a lo mejor tu tema está compartido pero como yo siempre trabajo con temas hijo, no es problema nunca va a tocar. El padre siempre va a tocar el hijo explicó entonces, no tienes problemas yo por ahora, no en contra el problema, el único problema es lo que os digo si le dais permisos de administrador, a todos los clientes sería un problema porque os puede borrar temas y plugin Y eso sí es un problema el otro la verdad, yo por ahora, no encuentro ningún, prima hay otro hay otra, pequeño, problema ahora que me lo comentas que tampoco un problema para mí pero bueno algunos puedes suponer, un problema, lo comento con este tipo de instalación.

Si utilizáis un sistema de caché de tipo v3 total caché o super caché sabéis que genera dentro de la carpeta v preconte, o genera una carpeta que se llama caché vale pues esa carpeta caché es compartida, por, toda la red lógicamente; no es un problema porque cada Uno tiene su propia carpetita pero v3 total castillo tiene la peculiaridad de que la configuración que tú le dais la mete en un archivo php dentro de la carpeta.

Europe content es esa configuración es compartida por todos con lo cual si necesito algo específico en alguno ya. Voy, a tener que usar en ese, no lo voy a poder meter, el objeto es total caché sino que voy a tener que usar el súper caché que ese sí me mete las configuraciones dentro de la tabla, vp óptimos es la única peculiaridad un poco que puede Dar algún problema ya que otra más aquí estás definiendo la carpeta, auto para cada instalación, para cada sitio te has encontrado una vez con algún problema que sea un plugin que sube imágenes y busca automáticamente en la carpeta del blog si usada constante, o algo así me Pasó con un plugin que y cómo se llama.

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SPA Routing for WordPress: Commit Log – Supercharged

We have a design we are respectful of the user’s bandwidth, we load pretty fast, it’s looking pretty good, but something that gives a little bit more. Cohesion is some polish. You know some some showbiz if you will, and so I thought what we could do is we could build a router that does nice transitions from, for example, the overview page to one of the individual blog posts and back and this router that I wrote is actually A single self-contained javascript class, so let’s figure out how that’s going to work.

As I said, the router is a standalone javascript class that isn’t really tied to anything except click events. So the first thing the router does is add a click event listener. On the document level and once a click happens, it checks if a the click is on the link tag and b. If that link links to one of our own documents and if both of these conditions are true, that’s where the router actually starts doing something.

It checks if the document that that link tag links to is a document and if a document is one of our own and if that’s the case, we’re going to fetch that content use push state to change the url in the address bar and then pass the Content on to an animator that will fade out the current content on the page and then switch it out with a new one and fade it in giving a really smooth and nice transition for the user so that they know what is actually going on.

So this approach has a couple of advantages. On the one hand, we are what I call hijacking link tags, so that means that link tags are still going to work as they should, even if javascript is disabled or a router code for some reason throws or just doesn’t load. That means that links are still going to work. They might not have a transition, but the user will end up where they want it to end up. The other advantage is that link tags emit click events, even if the event was actually a tab on a touch screen or even someone pressing the enter key.

If, for example, they are using a screen reader. This is very important because this means that our transitions become a progressive enhancement and that all our content stays accessible. The router’s constructor adds a couple of event: listeners, one for clicks and one for pop state. The one for clicks, as I just explained, is for the link tags and the one for pop state is to react to the user, pushing the back button in the browser.

It basically triggers the same logic. It just grabs the target url from a different spot. The router also loads a spinner, and the spinner is supposed to be shown when loading the next view takes longer than 50 milliseconds to show the user that something is in fact going on. It’s just taking a while note, however, that i’m loading the spinner dynamically. If I loaded it statically, it would have to complete loading the spinner until my router could even start running and that’s a bit backwards, because the spinner is only ever needed once a click happened.

So really the router should run first before the spinner is being downloaded and that’s exactly what dynamic import helps you solve the navigates function. Responsibility is to download the next view and transition it into vue. It makes heavy use of async await because I think it’s a really nice pattern to start an animation and wait until it’s done and then you can start the next animation. So you have a really nice and imperative way of dealing with these kinds of animations.

If you want to know more about async and await, I did a micro tip on that a while ago. So we’re going to link to that in the description and in the next commit log. We are going to talk about the message, bus, which is something that I implemented and it turned out to actually make loading even more efficient and it made my life easier and I found it really interesting. So if you want to read that you should subscribe and i’ll see you next time, you